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The angles in WWE for Daniel Bryan after leaving SmackDown

The angles in WWE for Daniel Bryan after leaving SmackDown
On this week's episode of SmackDown, Roman Reigns successfully defended his Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan. It was a wonderful match that highlighted both men's excellent chemistry. Bryan, on the other hand, has been booted from SmackDown.

This does not imply that he is no longer a part of WWE. Not yet, at least. So, though The Leader of the Yes Movement's days on the Blue brand is over, he might still travel elsewhere under the WWE umbrella.

Daniel Bryan will be a valuable asset to any company he joins, as he has a wealth of exciting stories to share. He may pursue titles, forge new alliances, and compete in some tantalizing fantasy matches.

Daniel Bryan's next step in WWE is unknown, but whatever it is, it will be spectacular. Because he does that all the time. Anyway, here are five potential WWE career paths for Daniel Bryan after he leaves SmackDown.

Daniel Bryan for the RAW Tag Team Championship

WWE RAW is the weekly show with the most room for change. Daniel Bryan could inject some talent and imagination into the mix. With several spots on the card in desperate need of his help, the five-time WWE world champion could work his magic on the Red brand.

RAW's tag team division could be the most significant. Athletes Omos and AJ Styles have a lot of talent, but they don't have anything to work with. This was shown by their absence from the show following their WrestleMania triumph over The New Day.

Beyond The Viking Raiders and The New Day, Omos and AJ Styles need challengers, particularly if Riddle's tag team with Randy Orton fails. Daniel Bryan, along with an up-and-comer who could be promoted alongside him, could fill the void.

He will reunite with Drew Gulak, rescuing him from the 24/7 Title picture's doldrums. Ricochet and Mustafa Ali are two other potential tag team partners for Daniel Bryan, both of whom are far too good to be left off a three-hour show in desperate need of new talent.

Daniel Bryan may have a great rivalry with Omos and AJ Styles, whoever he teams up with. The RAW Tag Team Championship will benefit greatly from it. Bryan's chemistry with The Phenomenal One is unrivaled, and seeing him use his technical prowess to try to take down the over seven-foot giant will be a sight to behold.

Daniel Bryan forms an entirely unused stable RAW stars

The angles in WWE for Daniel Bryan after leaving SmackDown
Drew Gulak, Ricochet, and Mustafa Ali have all been listed as possible tag team partners for Daniel Bryan on WWE RAW. But what if they all were affiliated with The Yes Movement's Leader?

Even though WWE struggled to capitalize on their abilities, Daniel Bryan has elevated a slew of former 205 Live stars. Given his track record of putting them over, seeing him lead a stable of great in-ring staff who are underutilized may be special. It's a simple story to write, and it's a fun way to spice up RAW.

Daniel Bryan should make a promo about how sick he is of seeing those world-class superstars "stuck in catering" while fans slip on wet floors and throw tomatoes into the ring. He doesn't even have to be on his back for this. Daniel Bryan, Ricochet, and Ali in a babyface party sound awesome.

Inside the stable, each celebrity will have their own distinct personalities with a common target. Get your name out there and you'll have more chances. Daniel Bryan is a natural choice to lead them all, as he has been a vocal supporter of some of them in the past.

The ultimate goal will be to transform Mustafa Ali and Ricochet, among others, into major characters on WWE's flagship show. Daniel Bryan is the ideal person to do this. Via extended association, he can also rub off his celebrity on them.

The Miz gets serious again reigniting his feud with Daniel Bryan

Given Miz's current location on the card, this isn't the most likely scenario for Daniel Bryan. He and John Morrison are a comedy heel tag team who are at the bottom of the card. On WWE RAW, The New Day and Damian Priest pelted them with tomatoes, along with Jaxson Ryker and Elias.

Given how dependable he is right now, the Miz is unlikely to have a different position on the Red brand. It will, however, be a welcome prospect. Not like his 8-day reign of the WWE Championship. The A-Lister will have to re-establish his seriousness.

In terms of in-ring and character work, Daniel Bryan brings out the best in The Miz. In 2016, their non-in-ring rivalry elevated the Intercontinental Championship, although the two of them blew off years of animosity in a fantastic match at SummerSlam 2018. It doesn't seem like it's over, though.

RAW would immediately become more watchable if the two arch-rivals rekindled their feud. Daniel Bryan will have to defeat both John Morrison and The Miz. This is an intriguing possibility that would add a fresh wrinkle to their long-running rivalry.

Daniel Bryan wins mid-card title on either NXT or RAW

The angles in WWE for Daniel Bryan after leaving SmackDown
Daniel Bryan's lack of a long reign as Intercontinental Champion may be one of his greatest regrets in WWE. He has made it clear that he intends to raise the prestige of the belt and protect it on a regular basis.

While he is no longer able to do so, the WrestleMania main eventer could channel his motivations into one of WWE's other mid-card championships. Bryan has a chance to regain the United States Championship from Sheamus on WWE RAW, where he last held the belt in March 2011.

The Celtic Warrior is in the best shape of his life in the ring, which would only add to his excellent chemistry with Daniel Bryan. As long as the match lasts longer than 18 seconds, the two of them still have a great time.

Although Bryan's banishment from SmackDown could lead him to the Red brand, NXT is also a possibility.

Daniel Bryan has a chance to win the NXT North American Championship and defend it against the Black and Gold brand's diverse roster of talent on a weekly basis. A rivalry between him and current WWE Champion Johnny Gargano will be fantastic.

Though Gargano has previously compared his rise to Bryan's, the possibility of character collaboration between him and the WWE legend adds to the intrigue. Both superstars have proven their worth on the entertainment front, in addition to their obvious ring prowess. Daniel Bryan's experiences with The Way have the potential to be comedy gold.

On NXT Daniel Bryan has a lengthy run

Following up on the possibility of Daniel Bryan facing Johnny Gargano for the North American Championship, the five-time WWE world champion will spend his final months on NXT as a full-time wrestler. His star power could benefit the Black and Gold brand, attracting more viewers.

Bryan also has unfinished business in the region, following his participation in the first season of NXT's game show version in 2010. His technical ring style would also fit in well with the mostly sports-based product. On Triple H's "kingdom of kick-outs," Bryan has a slew of future dream matches.

NXT stars like Pete Dunne, Santos Escobar, and Cameron Grimes, to name a few, can be elevated by the Leader of the Yes Movement. WALTER, the NXT UK Champion, is also a thrilling opponent.

The most important match Daniel Bryan may have for the brand is against Finn Balor, a fellow former world champion. In WWE, the two have never interacted on-screen, let alone competed in a match. They do seem to be capable of putting on a classic, though.

The Irishman is one of the biggest stars Bryan has yet to face in WWE, making a match between the two an immediate must-see event. It's a 'Big Four' pay-per-view match that could be featured at a possible NXT TakeOver event. Consider what would happen if it happened at the first one, in front of a large audience. It'd be electrifying.

Daniel Bryan has a lot of choices inside WWE right now, but none of them seem as exciting as a long run on NXT. At the Capitol Wrestling Center, he'd be right at home. It would elevate a strong and reliable program to the top of the wrestling ratings.