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3 Superstars who can return to WWE and 3 who can not

3 Superstars who can return to WWE and 3 who can not
There are a number of WWE superstars who are no longer around, with some of the biggest names not even having an official contract. We take a look at the six biggest WWE returns that might happen this year and argue why some of them should not.

Here are three superstars who might return to WWE before the year is out, as well as three who may not.

Brock Lesnar Can return to WWE

Brock Lesnar hasn't appeared on WWE TV since WrestleMania 36 in 2020. His contract with the organization had ended in the summer of that year, it was revealed. Brock Lesnar's re-signing with the UFC was not a major concern, since that ship seems to have sailed.

WWE never brought Brock Lesnar back because they didn't want a larger-than-life celebrity like him playing in front of empty stadiums, according to reports. Given the state of last year's programming during the pandemic, it was clear that WWE didn't need Brock Lesnar.

With reports that WWE is planning to restart their touring schedule beginning with SummerSlam 2021, a Brock Lesnar return seems likely.

Brock Lesnar has been out of the ring for the longest period of time since his return to WWE in 2012. Last year, Brock Lesnar didn't even return to SummerSlam, an occurrence he often headlines.

This year is special. With mass vaccination campaigns taking place around the world, COVID-19 cases in the United States appear to be on the decline. If Bobby Lashley holds the WWE Championship until SummerSlam 2021, WWE will have the perfect opportunity to set up the dream match.

If Brock Lesnar returns, we might see a busier Brock Lesnar this summer, with several appearances from SummerSlam to WrestleMania 38 in Texas.

Goldberg Can not return to WWE

Despite the fact that WWE didn't use part-timers as often during the pandemic period, Goldberg was reintroduced for a one-off match. At the Royal Rumble, he challenged Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. While many expected him to defeat the Scotsman, that was not the case.

Drew McIntyre retained the WWE Championship with a clean victory over Goldberg, and despite the presence of fans, the legend was not brought back for WrestleMania. Goldberg, like other legends, does not appear to be needed to return this year.

He may not have many dream matches left, but that doesn't mean his ring career is over. WWE will bring him back for SummerSlam 2021, particularly if that is where they plan to resume full-time touring.

However, it raises the question of who Goldberg could face. Right now, he doesn't have many thrilling rivals. Fans are unlikely to want to see him compete for the WWE World Championship again.

Goldberg's best use in WWE is for one-off matches that aren't necessarily championship matches.

Becky Lynch Can return to WWE

3 Superstars who can return to WWE and 3 who can not
On this list, it appears that this is the most likely return in WWE. Becky Lynch hasn't appeared on WWE TV in over a year since confirming her pregnancy.

As a result, her one-year reign as RAW Women's Champion came to an end, and she took an indefinite break from WWE. Many fans expected Becky Lynch to return for WrestleMania 37 after she gave birth in December.

That was not the case at all. On social media, Becky Lynch hinted at a return to WWE, but there's no word on when she'll be back to retake the title she never lost. Asuka took over and dominated the RAW Women's division for nearly a year after she vacated the championship before Rhea Ripley was crowned at WrestleMania 37.

WWE wants Becky Lynch back, and her absence in the women's division is still felt a year later. There's no doubt she'll return to WWE in 2021, and it seems to be a case of when rather than if.

Edge Can return to WWE

Edge is possibly the only WWE legend whose return in the summer will help the show. There hasn't been much word on whether WWE wants to bring Edge back or whether he'll sign a long-term deal.

Edge made his second appearance in the ring at WWE Royal Rumble 2021, winning the title match for the second time. It seemed like a dream main event between him and Roman Reigns at first, but Daniel Bryan was thrown into the mix as well.

Though Daniel Bryan acknowledged that he didn't want to be a part of the main event, there's no denying that his presence improved the match significantly. Since 2020, almost every match Edge has been a part of has been unforgettable.

Given how brief his run was this year, bringing him back for another short feud at a PPV like SummerSlam makes sense. We don't know how much WWE wants to use Edge this year, but if there's one part-time superstar who should return, it's the Rated-R Superstar.

Lacey Evans Can not return to WWE

3 Superstars who can return to WWE and 3 who can not
Lacey Evans would have been in a different spot in WWE if it hadn't been for her pregnancy. On the way to WrestleMania, she was the top candidate for the RAW Women's Championship, and reports said she would dethrone Asuka.

This would have made her the WWE RAW Women's Champion, with Charlotte Flair as her possible opponent at WrestleMania. After Lacey Evans revealed her pregnancy in February, the feud between the two women was abruptly ended.

This means she would give birth in November at the earliest. Few people can pull off what Maryse did a few years ago when she returned to work just a few months after giving birth. Lacey Evans seems to be out forever, and the prospect of her returning to WWE in 2021 appears improbable.

It's not too bad, because her absence hasn't had quite the same effect on the WWE Women's division as Becky Lynch's.

Daniel Bryan Can not return to WWE

In terms of WWE returns, this is a difficult one to predict. Daniel Bryan's WWE contract legitimately expired after he lost to Roman Reigns on SmackDown, it was recently announced.

If Daniel Bryan lost the match, he would be forced to leave SmackDown for good. Since his return to the ring, his three-year stint on the blue brand came to an end in a major way, and there has been a lot of speculation.

According to WON's Dave Meltzer, WWE is working hard to re-sign the five-time World Champion to a new contract. According to other rumors, a couple of AEW stars believe Daniel Bryan will remain with WWE.

It makes sense, but the theory stems from Daniel Bryan's recent interviews, in which he said that he wants to go part-time and even pursue wrestling in other promotions. It's possible that this is a negotiation strategy.

Daniel Bryan is free to make his option in any case, and with the legend set to be on hiatus for a while, it's likely that he won't be included in 2021 as well.