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3 WWE Superstars Now Struggling From Depression

3 WWE Superstars Now Struggling From Depression
Many WWE Superstars have struggled with depression and anxiety during their time in the spotlight. Several people have managed to transcend the stigma and continue to advance throughout their careers.

These superstars serve as an inspiration to many in the WWE Universe who face crippling mental disorders on a daily basis. Depression and anxiety are becoming more prevalent among today's youth, which is why a number of current WWE stars have spoken out publicly about their struggles. They've even spoken about how they've been able to channel it into positive energy during their WWE careers.

The following list examines only 3 WWE superstars who have opened up their fight with depression and inspiring stories.

Bray Wyatt The Fiend former WWE Universal Champion

3 WWE Superstars Now Struggling From Depression
Bray Wyatt has established himself as one of the most innovative wrestlers of his generation, having developed the Fiend character entirely on his own.

Wyatt has seen his fair share of difficulties in his wrestling career, as well as numerous frustrations. For many years, Wyatt was one of the company's most underappreciated stars before being thrust into the WWE Championship image. He only retained the championship for about two months before losing it at WrestleMania 33 to Randy Orton.

Wyatt's new image has been his primary outlet for dealing with his mental health issues. Recently, he was able to speak openly about these topics on Instagram.

Wyatt took a four-month hiatus from WWE TV but has since returned to his role as The Fiend.

Sasha Banks a former WWE Women's Champion

3 WWE Superstars Now Struggling From Depression
Throughout WWE's Women's Evolution, Sasha Banks has been an inspiration for women all over the world. The Boss was one of the first African-American women to headline WrestleMania, but she was defeated by Bianca Belair.

Throughout her career, the former Champion has grown in popularity. While appearing on former WWE star Stone Cold Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions, she was able to open up about her own behind-the-scenes struggles.

Banks announced that she was forced to request time off from WWE. Vince McMahon allowed her to take a break to focus on her mental health in order for her to return a few months later and reclaim her title as The Boss.

Daniel Bryan a former WWE Champion

3 WWE Superstars Now Struggling From Depression
Daniel Bryan has established himself as one of the most influential WWE Superstars in the company's history over the last decade. In 2016, the former WWE Champion's career was cut short when he was forced to retire due to a recurring neck injury.

Bryan's whole life had revolved around wrestling, and it was the only career he had ever desired. After his 16-year career came to an end, he found himself in a difficult situation, which was well known on Total Bellas.

Bryan was cleared for in-ring action by WWE's medical staff two years later, allowing him to return to the ring. Since then, he's been a crucial member of the SmackDown roster.