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3 WWE Superstars that don't look like their age

3 WWE Superstars that don't look like their age
Many WWE legends have returned to the company over the years. This was particularly apparent during the recent Women's Revolution. Many WWE Hall of Famers has been given the opportunity to lace up their wrestling boots once more.

Although some former WWE Superstars have clearly aged over the years and appear as fans might expect, others have barely aged at all.

Many wrestlers have cracked the code to eternal youth. They no longer look their age and they are no longer bound by the routine that comes with a WWE contract. There tend to be two types of reactions to a WWE release. Many former WWE stars have found new ways to advance and look even better than they did previously.

The following is a list of three former WWE Superstars who don't seem to be their age, whether they appear to be much older or much younger.

Batista a WWE Hall of Famer is older than he looks

3 WWE Superstars that don't look like their age
Batista is another WWE Superstar who has been around for so long that it's difficult to believe he's not much older than he is.

After being inducted into the 2020 Hall of Fame class, The Animal recently stated that he is now retiring from WWE. Batista has made many appearances after spending a decade with Vince McMahon's business.

The Animal won The Royal Rumble in 2014 and went on to headline WrestleMania before leaving to pursue his acting career. After a few years, the former World Champion returned in 2019 to set up a WrestleMania 35 retirement match against Triple H.

Since then, The Animal has made it clear that he has no plans to return to WWE or any other wrestling ring in the near future. This is due to the fact that his acting career has finally taken off. It's hard to believe Batista is just 52 years old, given how much he's accomplished in the last two decades of his career.

Torrie Wilson a WWE Hall of Famer is older than she looks

3 WWE Superstars that don't look like their age
Torrie Wilson has the distinction of never having won a WWE Championship during her career. The former Diva worked for WWE for seven years on the main roster.

Throughout the Women's Revolution, Torrie Wilson has been willing to return to WWE many times. In 2019, she was also inducted into the Hall of Fame. Since her departure from WWE, the former wrestler has entered the world of fitness. This seems to have helped the Playboy Covergirl maintain her youthful appearance.

Wilson is 45 years old, but with her latest Royal Rumble appearances, it's hard to believe. Wilson seems to be at least ten years younger than her actual age, according to many fans.

Wilson's new health and diet regimen has helped her to stay as young as possible while also allowing her to return to WWE on many occasions. If the former star hadn't aged so gracefully, none of this would have been possible.

Wilson's last WWE performance was in January when she competed in the Women's Royal Rumble as the only WWE Hall of Famer. Shayna Baszler eliminated Wilson, who was entrant number 17.

The Former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy Younger than he looks

3 WWE Superstars that don't look like their age
Matt Hardy first appeared in WWE in 1994, before signing a deal with the organization a few years later.

Matt Hardy and his younger brother Jeff were successful in WWE for several years as one half of The Hardy Boyz. The career of the former champion has been marred by controversy. His WWE release in 2005 was a result of his love triangle with Edge and Lita.

Hardy was eventually allowed to return but was fired from the organization in 2010 after ostensibly pressuring the company's hand. Hardy has since returned to WWE for a third time, but this time he was able to wait until his contract expired before switching to AEW.

In his personal life, Hardy and his wife, fellow wrestler Reby Sky, have three children. This could explain why Hardy has aged much more quickly than his brother. Though Jeff Hardy doesn't appear to be much older than 40, it's hard to believe his brother Matt is only 46.