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3 WWE Superstars Bray Wyatt may bring in to replace Alexa Bliss

3 WWE Superstars Bray Wyatt may bring in to replace Alexa Bliss
Alexa Bliss was abducted by The Fiend in the summer of 2020 on an episode of WWE SmackDown. The former Women's Champion has been under his control for almost a year and has steadily evolved into a completely new character on WWE television.

Bliss was left with the fragments of the jigsaw puzzle after The Fiend was defeated at TLC in December. She gradually reassembled the pieces and, in the process, became ever more dominant.

The fact that Alexa Bliss was given this time alone without "The Darkness," as she dubbed him, helped her to realize that, despite spending so much time with The Fiend, she didn't need him. Bliss made it clear on RAW last night that this was the driving force behind her conduct at WrestleMania on Sunday night.

At this point, Bliss is more powerful than The Fiend. Last night on RAW, she debuted her alter ego, Lily. For the stars who were once considered a couple, the next few months could be fascinating. Might Bray Wyatt find a substitute for former Women's Champion Alexa Bliss now that she has a new friend?

Several women on the roster are already aligning themselves with Bray Wyatt ahead of his feud with Alexa Bliss.

Paige may return in a non-wrestling capacity to support Bray Wyatt

3 WWE Superstars Bray Wyatt may bring in to replace Alexa Bliss
Although it's a long shot, Paige could return to WWE if she could find a job that didn't require her to wrestle.

The British actress has stayed upbeat about her prospects in recent years, appearing in a number of on-screen roles that did not require her to return to the ring.

Paige had always seemed like the ideal candidate for the role of Sister Abigail. Years before, she was also rumored to have played Abigail.

Alexa Bliss has rarely wrestled as part of her storyline with The Fiend, and if Paige was required to wrestle Bliss, given the circumstances, there would always be the option of a cinematic match. Paige is still just 28 years old and, in the long run, could return to full-fledged in-ring action.

This may be Paige's chance to advance in her career by assisting The Fiend in avenging Alexa Bliss, who cost him his biggest victory at WWE WrestleMania 37.

Nikki Cross can join The Fiend in an attempt to reclaim her best friend

3 WWE Superstars Bray Wyatt may bring in to replace Alexa Bliss
For months, Nikki Cross has been noticeably absent from WWE Monday Night RAW. She was last seen attempting to assist Alexa Bliss in defeating The Fiend.

If The Fiend needed a new sidekick, Cross would be an easy choice because the former Women's Tag Team Champion wanted to do whatever she could to get her best friend back from the dark side.

Throughout the past year, Bliss humiliated Cross on WWE television many times. The latter has a lot of things for which she wants vengeance, so a change of character wouldn't be a bad thing for the former member of Sanity.

She spent a significant portion of her time in NXT portraying an insane character on television. If Cross resurrected her chaotic character, she would be able to communicate with The Fiend. If she ever finds herself trapped in The Firefly Fun House with Bray Wyatt, this type of craziness will come in handy.

Liv Morgan may be a successful candidate for The Fiend to employ

3 WWE Superstars Bray Wyatt may bring in to replace Alexa Bliss
On WWE television, Liv Morgan has been speculated to play a character who might stand by The Fiend's side. Morgan is widely associated with Sister Abigail by many fans when it comes to fantasy booking.

Morgan has cosplayed as a variety of characters over the last few years, demonstrating that she has the potential to be as dark as Alexa Bliss if given the chance.

Liv Morgan cosplayed as Harley Quinn at WrestleMania, a character that Alexa Bliss was known to turn into several times before being changed by "The Darkness" in her early main event career.

This could be entirely unrelated, or it could be The Fiend's signal to go after Morgan next.

Though Morgan is currently on WWE SmackDown, it could be argued that, like King Corbin in recent weeks, she could turn to RAW if necessary, as there no longer appears to be a rule prohibiting wrestlers from switching brands.