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3 major twists that could occur if Daniel Bryan loses vs Roman Reigns

3 major twists that could occur if Daniel Bryan loses vs Roman Reigns
Next week, Daniel Bryan will face Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. If it weren't for the fact that Daniel Bryan's career is on the line, as per Roman Reigns' orders, this would be just another match!

Also worth mentioning is Daniel Bryan's strange detachment during his WrestleMania 37 main event match with Edge and Roman Reigns. This was exactly what he said.

Daniel Bryan has previously stated his desire to retire as a full-time performer. So, if he loses to Roman Reigns (which is highly likely), where will he go?

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Daniel Bryan is heading for a brief stint in NXT

Why does Daniel Bryan need to travel to AEW when he has a slew of opponents in NXT waiting for him? Adam Cole, Finn Balor, Johnny, Tommaso Ciampa, Karrion Kross, Gargano, and even Kyle O'Reilly maybe his rivals!

Both of the men rose through the ranks of the independent circuit, and Daniel Bryan shares a lot of similarities with them.

NXT will not be a step down for Daniel Bryan because, since its switch to the USA Network, the black and gold brand has been regarded as equivalent to SmackDown and RAW.

Given that the roster isn't as star-studded as it once was, this step will infuse the company with new life. The maestro of the mat will be free to do new and imaginative stuff in the ring that he couldn't do on SmackDown.

Daniel Bryan joins the RAW roster full-time

3 major twists that could occur if Daniel Bryan loses vs Roman Reigns
After he finishes with Drew McIntyre, Daniel Bryan will be a perfect opponent for Bobby Lashley. Sheamus, who is also from the same brand, will be looking for new opponents for the United States Championship.

Daniel Bryan is the real underdog, the quintessential babyface. Both men are much larger than he is, making this the ultimate David against Goliath fight.

As a result, Daniel Bryan might simply turn up on RAW and rub shoulders with the heels, or even join the tag team division. Daniel Bryan and Ricochet may be able to team up to defeat Omos and AJ Styles. Brock Lesnar is bound to return to the WWE at some point, and a rematch with Daniel Bryan may be lucrative.

So, though Daniel Bryan might be forced to abandon the SmackDown brand, he may return to RAW the following week! Nobody would give a second thought.

Daniel Bryan is no longer a member of the WWE

Daniel Bryan, according to Fightful, is searching for a way to wrestle in other promotions. He may want to explore new possibilities before retiring from active competition, having risen through the ranks of independent wrestling.

Let's pretend that Roman Reigns against Daniel Bryan is just what it says on the tin. Daniel Bryan loses the match, and his WWE career comes to an end.

It doesn't have to be the end of his wrestling career, however. There is a world outside of WWE, as Christian has shown, and the frontrunner is All Elite Wrestling, where Daniel Bryan may have a number of dream matches.

Who wouldn't be excited to see Daniel Bryan take on Jungle Boy, Moxley, or Kenny Omega?