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Stephanie McMahon apologizes and Goldberg feels jealous

Stephanie McMahon apologizes and Goldberg feels jealous
We're back with another fun WWE News Roundup, this time looking at the most recent headlines. The new scandal in WWE involving Mickie James has Drew McIntyre the attention of fans and celebrities alike.

WrestleMania 37's WWE Championship match was discussed by Goldberg. Daniel Bryan, meanwhile, spoke about his WrestleMania experience and his WWE future.

Roman Reigns took aim at a current SmackDown performer. In addition, John Cena discussed his views on becoming a part-time wrestler.

Let's get right into the latest WWE News Roundup, which includes a few other noteworthy items.

Goldberg's reaction to Drew McIntyre's and Bobby Lashley

Stephanie McMahon apologizes and Goldberg feels jealous
Goldberg was absent from WWE WrestleMania 37. On the first night of the pay-per-view, he did see Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley compete for the WWE Championship.

The WCW legend praised both men and was delighted with their appearances on the latest episode of WWE's The Bump. Goldberg also expressed "jealousy" over Lashley and Drew McIntyre's WrestleMania match, drawing a parallel between their promising future and the remainder of his own professional wrestling career.

Goldberg's most recent match was at WWE Royal Rumble 2021, where he faced Drew McIntyre. Drew McIntyre defeated the veteran during their fight, earning one of his career's best victories.

Despite the defeat, Goldberg is expected to return to the ring later this year. He has a deal that allows him to wrestle in a small number of matches each year, and he has only fought once in 2021.

Stephanie McMahon apologizes for how WWE treated Mickie James

Stephanie McMahon apologizes and Goldberg feels jealous
Mickie James and a few other WWE Superstars were announced last week. James took to Twitter a few hours ago to post a surprising picture with an intriguing caption.

WWE gave the veteran's things back to her in a garbage bag, according to the photo and caption.

The situation was discussed by Maria Kanellis and Gail Kim, who revealed that this wasn't the first time WWE had returned Superstars' belongings in this manner.

On social media, Triple H also addressed the controversy, claiming that the person responsible for such demeaning treatment had been fired from WWE. Meanwhile, Stephanie McMahon apologized on behalf of the organization in a tweet to Mickie James.

The whole situation with Mickie James has sparked outrage on social media. During a recent interview, James discussed her last two years in WWE, describing them as "comfortably awkward."

WWE's Senior Director of Talent Relations, Mark Carrano, was later fired, according to Wrestling Inc.