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5 WWE superstars who want to make a return

5 WWE superstars who want to make a return
WWE announced recently its annual budget cuts and had to launch several major talents. Each year, the company has a talent abatement, which allows several former WWE Superstars to reassess their future.

Over the years, several WWE Superstars have been released from the company, but there are many who don't hold any ill will for the decision and are open to a return.

Many have severed their relations with WWE and stated unequivocally that they will never work for the company again. Others, on the other hand, are much more positive about returning, even if only for a single match.

The following is a list of only five former WWE Superstars who have shown interest in returning to Vince McMahon's organization in the future.

Maria Kanellis the Former WWE Superstar

5 WWE superstars who want to make a return
As part of the budget cuts during the COVID-19 pandemic, Maria Kanellis and her husband Mike were released in April 2020 from WWE. The release of Maria was the second time WWE let her go and came months after the second child was born.

Although the choice has obviously hurt, Maria Kanellis doesn't just want to come back to WWE but believes she will one day. But this time around, Maria wants money guaranteed.

Back in February, Maria Kanellis told The Dropkick Podcast that wrestling is currently not at the forefront of her mind, but she clearly has been thinking about it.

Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley the Former WWE Champion

5 WWE superstars who want to make a return
Dean Ambrose was not fired by WWE. Instead, the former WWE Champion chose to let his contract lapse before pursuing a career in AEW.

Ambrose has been one of the company's biggest stars to leave in recent years. Despite the fact that he has been vocal about his tenure in WWE since his departure in 2019, he is still open to returning.

Ambrose was asked about doing business with WWE again by Bleacher Report back in January. The actor, who is now recognized as Jon Moxley, said he wouldn't rule it out.

Ambrose has been a member of AEW since 2019 as Jon Moxley and is one of the company's most famous actors. He is, however, already a WWE fan favorite, and his return will be warmly embraced by the WWE Universe.

Eva Marie the Former WWE Superstar

5 WWE superstars who want to make a return
Eva Marie was recently confirmed to have returned to WWE and was even a member of the internal roster at one stage. The former Total Divas star was expected to compete in this year's Royal Rumble match, but that did not happen.

Marie hasn't been in a WWE ring since her suspension in 2016 and subsequent release the following year. She has, however, hinted at a return to the business in recent months.

In a recent interview with Muscle and Fitness, the former WWE star claimed that she was open to a return.

Eva Marie was recently spotted working with new recruit Parker Boudreaux at the WWE Performance Center. However, the former star isn't expected to return anytime soon as of this writing.

Boogeyman The Former WWE Superstar

5 WWE superstars who want to make a return
The Boogeyman has recently returned to WWE TV. He appeared in a backstage segment during RAW Legends Night, scaring Angel Garza. In addition, the former star has hinted at a return to the business to face The Fiend.

The Boogeyman was once regarded as one of WWE's most terrifying characters. The star, whose real name is Marty Wright, now seems to want to confront Bray Wyatt's alter-ego.

The Fiend isn't the only celebrity on The Boogeyman's mind. The horror icon recently responded to one of WWE's tweets about dream matches for this year's Royal Rumble on social media.

The star appears to have challenged WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to a battle. Although this is extremely unlikely, The Boogeyman is clearly searching for a way back into WWE for one more match, which may be given if the right scenario is pitched.

Santino Marella the Former WWE Superstar

5 WWE superstars who want to make a return
After his stint as Santina Marella in 2020, Santino Marella is the only male wrestler to have ever joined the WWE Women's, Royal Rumble.

Over the years, the former WWE star has made many appearances in the business. It seems that the former Intercontinental Champion is now assisting his daughter in becoming a business star. He has his own other plans.

Marella said recently that he would like to return to WWE as a commentator. He went on to say that he would rather be himself than his character Santino Marella.

It's uncertain if WWE will welcome Marella's return to the commentary booth. However, there have been some recent shakeups, and Wade Barrett has shown that former WWE stars can be effective behind the desk.