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5 Botches in Wrestlemania you actually missed on Night one

5 botches in wrestlemania you actually missed on night one
WWE's tagline for WrestleMania 37 was "Back in Business," but it could be argued that anything that could have gone wrong did.

The biggest show of the year was subject to the elements. The display was delayed for more than 40 minutes at one stage due to a lightning alert for the Tampa area.

While waiting for the storm to pass, WWE was able to pass the time, but the rain came down and the open-air arena got a little muddy. The puddles that formed on the ramp and around the ringside area later became a problem for stars in their matches, and this was something that would come back to haunt the organization.

The following is a list of only five botches or errors that occurred during WrestleMania Night One last night.

At WrestleMania 37, Mandy Rose falls on her way to the ring

5 botches in wrestlemania you actually missed on night one
Titus O'Neil's trip to the ring at The Greatest Royal Rumble almost three years ago is still remembered as a memorable WWE moment, and it seems Mandy Rose will be able to achieve the same degree of fame.

The former Tough Enough competitor was on her way down the ring with Dana Brooke in the Tag Team Turmoil match when the slick surface from the rain became a major issue.

Rose stumbled and then fell to the ground, while her partner Dana Brooke proceeded to walk down the ring, seemingly oblivious to the issue. Fortunately, Rose was unharmed by the fall and was able to easily pick herself up and walk away from the humiliation.

Rose later addressed the gaffe on Twitter, saying that while every WWE superstar wants to be the talk of WrestleMania, there are probably better ways to do so.

It's hard to believe Mandy Rose was the only superstar at WrestleMania who was affected by the weather. Later in the night, AJ Styles came close to becoming another victim but was able to stop himself from falling, which is why it was less visible.

At WrestleMania, Lana totally misses the kick

5 botches in wrestlemania you actually missed on night one
Last night's WrestleMania Tag Team Turmoil match has been dubbed "the lowest point of the night." Several mistakes were made in the match, but Mandy Rose's entrance was undoubtedly the most memorable.

Rose, on the other hand, wasn't the only female wrestler who suffered from botches last night. Lana made many mistakes during the WrestleMania match, the most glaring of which was when she attempted to kick Billie Kay and completely missed.

Billie Kay bumped it anyway because she was expected to be struck, despite the fact that the commentary team noted that "she didn't get all of it."

Since Lana and Naomi are both former dancers, they are able to move quickly in the ring. However, this exposes them to more mistakes than the other women, which is a dilemma in and of itself. Last night was not Lana and Naomi's night, and they will now return to RAW to refocus and regroup.

WrestleMania provides The EST of NXT

5 botches in wrestlemania you actually missed on night one
Bianca Belair was formally presented on the main roster this time last year in WrestleMania 36 and one year later, the main event of the year.

When Belair became the principal roster for WWE, she carried with her the nickname for NXT but later became the EST for WWE, which still has a lot to give.

Belair went last night to the ring as part of her wrestling career's greatest match, and although NXT star ran down the ramp, it was a huge throwback to 'EST of NJT.' Last night, Belair ran to the ring.

This, of course, was no idea for Belair and did not affect her focus because she took part in the show along with Sasha Banks and then became SmackDown Women's Champion.

The first-ever WrestleMania women's singles match made history by Banks and Belair, and the moment both women deserved a minor development blunder wasn't able to take away.

The Riott Squad was knocked out of Tag Team Turmoil

5 botches in wrestlemania you actually missed on night one
Last night at WrestleMania, the Riott Squad was one of the teams competing in Tag Team Turmoil, but they were unable to win the match or a shot at the Women's Tag Team Championships.

Billie Kay and Carmella, as well as Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose, were eliminated by Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott, who dominated most of the match. The problem here was that the announcers seemed to be upset that Rose and Brooke had been excluded from the match.

Liv Morgan was able to pin the RAW Superstars and remove them from their WrestleMania match, but the announcer made the wrong call as to who was disqualified, further complicating the situation.

Later, the correct announcement was made, and Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were escorted to the back, while The Riott Squad proceeded to advance in the match. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to defeat Tamina and Natalya.

Have Sasha Banks kicked the death kiss?

5 botches in wrestlemania you actually missed on night one
In the main event of last night's WrestleMania, Sasha Banks defended her SmackDown Women's Championship against Bianca Belair.

When Belair defeated 29 other women in The Royal Rumble in January, she earned the right to challenge for the title. Since Belair chose Banks as her opponent, the two women have been a part of one of WWE's most popular storylines, and Belair was able to retain her title last night.

Even though Michael Cole claimed otherwise, the EST of WWE's Kiss of Death finisher hasn't been kicked out since her elevation to the main roster, and she was able to use it to win the Championship last night.

Belair took the victory after Banks was knocked out. Cole seemed to think Belair had kicked out when she let go of The Boss' thighs. The crowd erupted in celebration of Belair's first WWE Championship at WrestleMania, though Michael Cole was sure there had been a kick out.