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4 botches you probably missed this week on WWE SmackDown

4 botches you probably missed this week on WWE SmackDownWith only two matches officially announced by the brand SmackDown, the card is being shaped already, and WrestleMania is now just over 5 weeks away.

WWE Fastlane is just around the corner and a second match has been added to the show in the SmackDown episode for Friday. Daniel Bryan would officially strive to overthrow Universal Champion Roman Reigns at the supposed main event and set his own main WrestleMania Edge event game.

Overall, this week SmackDown gave another good display, but some superstars had problems on the mic, and Michael Cole still had a hard night.

Here are only 4 botches that the WWE Universe could miss on SmackDown last night.

Randy Orton isn't a WWE Hall of Famer

Randy Orton isn't a WWE Hall of Famer
Michael Cole began last night's SmackDown episode by introducing Daniel Bryan as his inventor. Cole also claimed that in the main event of WrestleMania 30 Daniel Bryan beat two of the WWE Hall of Famers.

On that fateful evening in New Orleans, Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton and Batista, and although Batista was admitted to the WWE Hall of Fame, Randy Orton did not. He remains an active participant, and he is featured frequently on the WWE RAW. Of course, Randy Orton is a potential WWE Hall of Famer, but on Friday night Cole certainly sprang up the gun.

Many of the botches on SmackDown were especially visible because they were being corrected by the Superstars involved. Cole, by comparison, rather than trying to correct it, kept rolling, so his error was easy to miss.

Daniel Bryan gets his months confused on SmackDown

4 botches you probably missed this week on WWE SmackDown
Daniel Bryan delivered a passionate promo to start SmackDown Live ahead of his steel cage main event match against Jey Uso. He discussed why he should be the main event at WrestleMania and why he enjoys the company.

Since he wrestles on a daily basis, the former world champion believes he is more deserving of the chance than Roman Reigns or Edge. Daniel Bryan claimed that he has wrestled more matches in the last three weeks than the two men have in the previous three months.

Unfortunately, Daniel Bryan stumbled over his words and started his statement by concentrating on the previous three months instead of the recent weeks he intended to address. He had to redo the promo because too many viewers had picked up on the error. Daniel Bryan made a reasonable error in his enthusiastic promo because he may have been overthinking his words in an effort to send an emotional message.

Rey Mysterio headbutts a camera

4 botches you probably missed this week on WWE SmackDown
This week on SmackDown, Rey Mysterio was ringside to watch Dominik take on Chad Gable. After Alpha Academy beat the Mysterios in recent weeks, the former world champion watched his son pick up a confidence-boosting win over Gable.

After the match, Rey Mysterio delivered a senton that sent Otis flying over the announcers' table, preventing him from engaging in a post-match beatdown. As the future Hall of Famer got up, he seemed to have taken the brunt of the collision when he headbutted a camera at ringside.

Rey Mysterio seemed unaffected by the bump, as he easily regained his footing and continued up the ramp. When Rey Mysterio jumped up from the announcers' table, it appeared that either the cameraman was in the wrong position or that he forgot where he was for a second. This blunder was slight, and Rey Mysterio escaped relatively unscathed from the collision.

Michael Cole can see the future on SmackDown

4 botches you probably missed this week on WWE SmackDown
Murphy made his return to WWE TV as part of last night's episode of SmackDown, and he appeared to be trying to win back Seth Rollins' favor. Murphy made an appearance in a backstage episode, telling his former Messiah that he might help him with his Cesaro crisis.

Despite the fact that Seth Rollins told him to "out of my sight," the former cruiserweight champion came later in the night and faced the Swiss superman shortly as he touched on the sharpshooter. It is interesting that Michael Cole already confirmed Murphy had tapped and Cesaro won the match in advance of the action.