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2 Superstars who flopped and 3 impressed in WWE SmackDown

2 Superstars who flopped and 3 impressed in WWE SmackDown
WWE SmackDown had for fans an entertaining broadcast. The imaginative played Fastlane with a possible title match to see Roman Reigns put on the line against Daniel Bryan for his Universal Championship. The show announced that Bianca Belair is going to challenge Sasha Banks to Wrestle Mania 37's WWE SmackDown Women's Championship.

We'll look at Superstars who impressed us on WWE SmackDown and those who didn't in this article.

Roman Reigns Impressed on WWE SmackDown

We saw a conflicting Roman Reign alongside Jey Uso and Paul Heyman in the openings of the WWE SmackDown. The Universal Champion spoke to the spectators, stating that his title defense was "nearly perfect." The Tribal Chef, however, was not pleased that Edge struck him with a Spear.

The best thing about the WWE SmackDown episode was how Roman Reigns went down. Tonight, he convinced everyone more than ever how good he can be on the mic if he is not told to stick to falsified conversations. He focused instead on his instinctive answers that made the whole segment all the more real.

We also saw Daniel Bryan interrupting Reigns and shouting out the advantage he had at the elimination chamber during her title match. Bryan, therefore, decided to challenge Roman Reigns for the Fastlane Universal Championship game. Jey Uso, who wanted to step up to Daniel Bryan on WWE SmackDown, did not do well.

Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso were booked for a match for the show later. The instruction to defeat Bryan was to Jey Uso that Bryan couldn't contest the title of Roman Reigns. This WWE SmackDown match concluded with a double count-out, in which Roman Reigns decided to hit Bryan and make a strong comment.

This week, even though he didn't participate in the game, Roman Reigns played best on WWE SmackDown. It works well for his heel, especially as we get closer in WrestleMania to his match against Edge. This is exactly how you can book a match between the largest heel and the larger babyface.

Liv Morgan Flopped on WWE SmackDown

2 Superstars who flopped and 3 impressed in WWE SmackDown
Not long ago, the Riott Squad was billed as a relentless force on WWE SmackDown. Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan had started to gain traction as a tag team until Billie Kay interfered and caused them to lose a series of matches. Unfortunately for The Riott Squad, their struggle on the Blue brand is far from over.

Liv Morgan faced Tamina in a singles match on WWE SmackDown this week. Liv Morgan had a few moments where she appeared to be in command, but she struggled to capitalize on her good fortune. While it's understandable on occasion, it seemed strange for someone with Morgan's potential.

This is mainly attributed to the creative person. The division of women's tag teams needs better stories desperately. The teams should have strong reservations for WWE SmackDown, particularly when WrestleMania is in the process of posing a serious threat against Nia Jax and the title reign of Shayna Baszler. Hopefully, the Blue brand will soon find redemption to both members of The Riott Squad.

Apollo Crews Impressed on WWE SmackDown

2 Superstars who flopped and 3 impressed in WWE SmackDown
For some time now WWE SmackDown has teased the turn of the heel of the Apollo Crews. The Intercontinental champion was forced to leave the arena on the stretcher last week with his vicious assault on Big E. This week he finally embraced his villainous side and cemented his Blue brand as a heel in his first race.

Teams spoke about his legacy and said he was proud of what he had accomplished. He now concentrates on securing more chances, which he deserves at WWE SmackDown for a long time. Soon after this, in a unique match that finished in his win, he faced Shinsuke Nakamura.

This struggle between the Apollo Crews and Nakamura helped the former in a balanced fight to demonstrate his ruthless side. At no point in this match did Nakamura look vulnerable, making Teams all the brutal in the ring. Finally, the win and overall match of WWE SmackDown gave us reason enough to assume that the two Superstars should be part of a good story.

Rey Mysterio Flopped on WWE SmackDown

2 Superstars who flopped and 3 impressed in WWE SmackDown
Rey and Dominik Mysterio lost the tag team match for the third week running in a row on WWE SmackDown. In the exciting match, Otis and Chad Gable were faced by the two, and the Alpha Academy members established themselves as the heels of the Blue brand. That said, with the booking tonight, the creative should have done better.

After an impressive beginning, Otis and his most offensive maneuvers both were defeated by Dominik and Rey Mysterio. Although the latter certainly profit from occurrences, the Mysteries are also harmful. You need to catch up and recover momentum with WWE SmackDown urgently.

If the imaginative person doesn't plan to create a divide between Rey and Dominik Mysterio, they should firmly reserve the duo to identify them as a genuine threat to the tag team division. They will feud with other Tag teams and make their rivals look fine, offering WWE SmackDown additional possibilities to pick the next team champions.

Jey Uso Impressed on WWE SmackDown

2 Superstars who flopped and 3 impressed in WWE SmackDown
Daniel Bryan fought Jey Uso in an intense brutal match in the main event at WWE SmackDown. The triumph of Bryan would have given him the chance to challenge Roman Reigns in Fastlane for the Universal Championship. Although the match finished with two counts, Jey Uso and Daniel Bryan both deserve credit for providing outstanding performance in the ring.

Although Bryan is recognized as one of the best in the industry, he was equally impressive tonight at WWE Smackdown. Jey Uso is on a big run from feuding and finally allying himself with Roman Reigns. Although part of Reigns, Jey Uso gradually creates an honorable heritage for himself.

He was brilliant in the game against Bryan at WWE SmackDown this evening. His heelish antiquities worked well "to get the job done" because Bryan wasn't able to win the game in the end. The job is supposed to be done on WWE SmackDown once again while still searching for Kevin Owens, an old rival.