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3 things that should not occur at WWE Fastlane and 2 that should occur

3 things that should not occur at the PPV and 2 that should occur
We're all set for WWE Fastlane 2021, the forthcoming pay-per-view. This will be the last stop before WrestleMania 37, and the show promises to be exciting. A few main title matches await us, and they have the potential to have a big impact on the WrestleMania card. Furthermore, a shadowy entity could make a long-awaited return to Fastlane.

In this post, we will look at 3 things that should not happen at WWE Fastlane and 2 things that should.

WWE Fastlane shouldn't happen Roman Reigns loses his Championship

3 things that should not occur at WWE Fastlane and 2 that should occur
Roman Reigns is set to face the universal championship with Daniel Bryan at WWE Fastlane. In a title game in the Elimination Chamber, two Superstars previously met. Daniel Bryan beat 5 other SmackDown Superstars within the Elimination Chamber and soon afterward challenged Reigns at the Universal Championship.

Daniel Bryan considered that the champion had an unfair advantage when Roman Reigns defended its title successfully. Bryan, therefore, requested a referral to Reigns. In a match in Steel Cage, he had to defeat Jey Uso to earn his WWE Fastlane championship chance. A special guest enforcer will also be present in this match and this week Edge faces Jey Uso to play this role on SmackDown.

This is one of WWE Fastlane's most exciting matches. At WrestleMania, he could face up to Edge, Roman Reigns has a significant contest. His recent running like a heel made him worth a huge match at The Grandest Level of All. In the meanwhile, that could be Daniel Bryan's last WrestleMania as a full-time WWE timer.

Roman Reigns have discovered his true self and is one of the most fascinating characters in today's professional wrestler industry. The imaginative would like to see fans taking Roman Reigns without any filter with the crowd scheduled to return for WrestleMania 37. In addition, the long-aware Spear vs. Spear match in what could also be the last Wrestlemania for Edge would be put at risk by Reigns' defeat at WWE Fastlane.

Since he turned heel, Roman Reigns has relied on cheap shots and interference to keep his title. WWE Fastlane could play an important role for the special enforcer in his match. The fact that Edge will play this role will add heat to the ongoing feud between Edge and Roman Reigns.

Return of The Fiend Should happen at WWE Fastlane

3 things that should not occur at WWE Fastlane and 2 that should occur
In the intergender match at WWE Fastlane, Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss face each other. This match gives the chance to set up a return from the three-month-old 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt who is away from television. The Fiend was last seen in December at the TLC 2020.

Randy Orton faced him in a match of Firefly Inferno, ending in the Viper's burning of his rival. Alexa Bliss tortured Randy Orton in the WWE RAW from that point on. Alexa did everything from annoying Orton in crucial matches to bleed him during promos. Now a disappointed Randy Orton wants his vengeance on WWE Fastlane against Alexa Bliss.

The WrestleMania game is planned next month by The Fiend and Randy Orton. We saw Alexa Bliss calling The Fiend on the Red brand, but only the shadows of a wide figure did they tease. The creative person has to ensure that Randy Orton is strongly reserved in WWE Fastlane, particularly when The Fiend plans to take a surprise.

Shouldn’t happen Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks win at WWE Fastlane

3 things that should not occur at WWE Fastlane and 2 that should occur
Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks teams from WWE Fastlane will challenge the titles of the women's tag team to Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. For the titles at the Elimination Chamber, both teams also met one another. It is interesting that the SmackDown Women's Championship in WrestleMania is due to be held in Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair next month.

A win for Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair will account for an extremely unusual reservation in WWE, where two team champions compete in WrestleMania with a single title. For both Superstars in the coming weeks, that will not be the best path. In the coming weeks, you will be able to build an incredible title match with intense single rivalry. Things can change at WWE Fastlane with just one misplaced, though they are friends now.

The imagination has twisted between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair already. Reginald is also expected to play in this game, and after a loss in WWE Fastlane, he may affect Banks' heel switch.

The competition of Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax does not reflect well in the Tag Team division as day team champions. The imaginative person will use the names of the tag team to make more rivalries with RAW and SmackDown and give other talents opportunities.

Drew McIntyre beats Sheamus Should happen at WWE Fastlane

3 things that should not occur at WWE Fastlane and 2 that should occur
At WWE Fastlane, Drew McIntyre will meet his former best friend Sheamus. McIntyre turned on when he still was the WWE Champion. Sheamus wanted a title shot and was one of the five superstars in the Elimination Chamber who challenged Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

Although Drew McIntyre was able to defend his gold, after the Miz cashed his Money on the deal with the bank he lost WWE Championships. Bobby Lashley is currently the title, but Drew McIntyre will retake the WrestleMania championship. A win over Sheamus will make Sheamus feel better until next month he faces Lashley.

Both McIntyre and Sheamus have already shown how good the ring can be. We are expecting yet another brutal meeting with McIntyre's emerging victorious WWE Fastlane superstar.

That's not to say that WWE Fastlane will end with the feud between McIntyre and Sheamus. Both of the Superstars deserve an extreme WWE RAW feud. The creative will keep up with the Red Brand and revive the title competition between the two former best friends, as McIntire finally re-calls the title.

Big E win Apollo Crews Shouldn’t happen at WWE Fastlane

3 things that should not occur at WWE Fastlane and 2 that should occur
At the BiG E Intercontinental Championship at WWE Fastlane, Apollo Crews has another chance. Big E on SmackDown was violently assaulted by the crews to validate his heel turn. The champion was forced to take a break from the Thunderdome. He also had to linger for a few weeks outside the Blue brand.

In the meantime, Crews took a Nigerian prime's gimmick, and when the latter returned he was toe toe toe toe with Big E. Although a title loss for Big E at WWE Fastlane would seem far-fetched to expect, it seems fair that it is not a squash match.

If teams suffer a horrible defeat, all of the momenta will be a big hit after turning heel. The imagination should instead allow Big E and Crews to be in the squared circle for the best. The crews were one of the stars at breakout WWE last year, with plenty of potential untapped.

After a close match at WWE Fastlane, he can continue to play Big E until WrestleMania. It wouldn't be the worst thing to eventually see it remove its title from Big E so that Roman Reigns is finally free to feud.