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5 of WWE WrestleMania's shortest matches history

5 of WWE WrestleMania's shortest matches history
WrestleMania is the stage on which any WWE Superstar wishes to compete. The Showcase of the Immortals included some legendary moments in some of the best matches and attractions in WWE history.

The time allocated by WWE representatives for a match will also have a big impact on how the World Wide Web perceives this. When a match lasts so long, others say that it's difficult or tedious to look at. If a match is so short, though, it is difficult for those involved to hear the story they want.

WrestleMania has had some of the shortest matches in the history of WWE, despite being WWE's largest show of the year. On The Grandest Stage of It, All championships and fierce rivalries have been decided in seconds.

Let's look more closely at the 5 shortest WWE WrestleMania matches in history.

Rey Mysterio vs John WWE WrestleMania 25

5 of WWE WrestleMania's shortest matches history
WWE did not see any more antagonists than Layfield's John "Bradshaw." The upcoming WWE Hall of Famer is one of WWE's greatest talents. He was also the longest-ruling WWE champion in the history of SmackDown.

JBL returned as an in-ring actor in 2008, after a short retirement and moving to comment on Friday Night SmackDown in 2006, on Monday Night RAW. His last round as a WWE superstar finished in 2009 in a match against Rey Mysterio in WrestleMania 25.

The WWE Intercontinental Championship was recently shot by JBL on Monday night RAW and was joyful about WrestleMania as the champion of the state in Texas.

The former member of the APA continuously reminded the WWE Universe that by retaining his IM title against Rey Mysterio, he returned to Houston, Texas as a triumphant hero and cemented its legacy. But it was not intended for the loudmouth of Texas.

JBL attacked Master 619 with a vicious boot before his game with Rey Mysterio could begin. When it started, Mysterio immediately took the lead and struck 619 and struck the game in just 20 seconds for a shocking win.

Completely embarrassed and humiliated, Layfield took a microphone and loudly declared "I quit" in 20 seconds in WrestleMania in her home country before leaving the arena.

In reality, this will be the final match of John "Bradshaw" Layfield, who played for WWE until he was retired.

The Bolsheviks vs The Hart Foundation WWE WrestleMania 6

5 of WWE WrestleMania's shortest matches history
The WWE WrestleMania 6 is famous for its dramatic main event showdown between the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan.

The title WWE vs. Intercontinental title match between the two most important babyfaces in WWE still spoken of as one of the best matches of all WrestleMania.

The match was a classic one, bringing over 70,000 people to their feet at the SkyDome in Toronto, Canada. Yet WrestleMania 6 is mostly ignored since the match still saw one of the fastest WrestleMania events in WWE history.

The homecoming of Canadian heroes The Hard Foundation was seen in WWE Wrestlemania 6. Bret "Hitman" Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart were considered legends for wrestling enthusiasts in Canada to cut their teeth at Stampede Wrestling in Canada.

The WWE Universe was then delighted to see the Canadian heroes dispatching the villagers of the bolsheviks rapidly on their biggest stage.

Before their day-time squad match against the Hart Foundation, most of the Bolsheviks' air times had been taken. In a backstage episode, Boris Zhukov and Nikolai Volkoff raced to the ring before going to a showdown with their daytime team.

The Bolivians started to sing a chorus of boos in a Russian national hymn. However, Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart immediately disrupted this, during which he reached the Hart Attack Double Team finisher in just 19 seconds for the fast win.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus WWE WrestleMania 28

5 of WWE WrestleMania's shortest matches history
Sheamus immediately dispatched Daniel Bryan in 2012 to open WrestleMania 28, the WWE Universe definitely was nobody too happy. But Bryan's career was perhaps the most successful thing since the YES! the movement was born that night.

Since cashing into money in the Bank briefcase in December of last year, Daniel Bryan has been World Heavy Weight Champion on SmackDown. But Bryan, who was once a babyface, eventually became a champion irritating insufferable heel.

Daniel Bryan also entered a relationship on-screen with AJ Lee, who he often manipulated to help him win and retain the championship.

Sheamus, a new winner from his Royal Rumble game in the 2012 World Heavyweight Championship, decided to challenge Daniel Bryan on the biggest stage of all the World Heavyweight Championship.

Daniel Bryan, generally considered as one of the greatest in-ring actors of his generation, was eventually in WrestleMania as one of the biggest world title matches. Yet in The Showcase of the Immortals things took an unexpected twist.

Daniel Bryan and Sheamus opened the broadcast in a World Heavyweight Championship match. Bryan called AJ Lee for a good luck-kiss once before the apron.

After the couple kissed, Sheamus shocked Daniel Bryan by hitting him with a Brogue Kick for a shocking win in just 18 seconds, becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion in the process.

Fans were surprised, outraged, and perplexed by what they had seen. The next night, however, on Monday Night RAW, the audience chanted Daniel Bryan's "YES!" for the majority of the show. This meant that, despite his crushing loss, Daniel Bryan had grown into an even bigger WWE Superstar in the process.

WWE WrestleMania Kane vs Chavo Guerrero

5 of WWE WrestleMania's shortest matches history
It is definitely better to forget WWE's ECW version, and should certainly not be compared with the original promotion of the 1990s. Some would actually say that WrestleMania XXIV has one of the final nails in the WWE ECW coffin.

The WrestleMania XXIV pre-show saw a 24-member royal fight for the top seat to decide the No. 1 contester of the ECW.

The game-winner will not only be the next contender for the top prize of ECW, but the chance will be on the main WrestleMania card later that night.

Six minutes later, Kane and Mark Henry became the ultimate two riders in the World Wide Web Superstars sector. While this fight was held back and forth, the big Red Machine eliminated the strongest man in the world and became the contender for ECW Chamber Chavo Guerrero.

Guerrero went to a ring to defend his ECW championship during the fourth match of the show WrestleMania. Kane's music struck, but he was not found anything, as the Mexican Guerrero was expecting his opponent.

Suddenly behind Chavo Guerrero appeared in the ring the big red machine. The challenger immediately hit Guerrero with a strong chokeslam and he was shocked at Kane's sudden arrival. The challenger took the ECW Championship in just 11 seconds.

The abrupt, brief existence of the match ultimately reflected WWE's view of the ECW brand - nothing but an afterthought.

The Rock vs Erick Rowan at WWE WrestleMania

5 of WWE WrestleMania's shortest matches history
For a number of reasons, WWE WrestleMania 32 is historic. This exhibition is the largest show ever attended by 101,763 people in WWE history. WrestleMania 32 is also honored for hosting the shortest match in the history of WrestleMania.

WWE strongly advocated the presence of the Rock on The Grandest Stage of All in 2016. In Arlington, Texas, the Great One appeared before the WWE Universe at AT&T Stadium to announce that WWE had smashed the previous attendance record for the event. But the Wyatt Family interrupted him then.

Both of them were confronting the Rock and were threatening to assault the former world champion, Erick Rowan, Bray Wyatt, and Braun Strowman. The Great One, however, turned the tables on the group by confronting one of the Wyatt family.

Rowan was nominated by the Eater of Worlds to have the distinctive distinction of becoming the Champion of the People. The Rock smashed Rowan off the bell with a Rock Bottom and after six seconds pinned him up to break the record as the fastest match in the history of WrestleMania.

After the match, The Wyatt Family surrounded the ring and attacked The Rock. Then, The Great One's former competitor John Cena made an unexpected comeback from injury to assist him. In an epic WrestleMania moment, both iconic WWE Superstars teamed up to defeat The Wyatt Family.