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5 WWE Superstars whose children are training to be wrestlers

5 WWE Superstars whose children are training to be wrestlers
There are many children of WWE Superstars who are currently making waves in the business, including Charlotte Flair, Natalya, Tamina, and even Dominik Mysterio, all of whom are currently involved.

These Superstars may be the best-known second-generation wrestlers in WWE at present, but they could easily be joined by more stars in the future. There are also other children who are now trained to be wrestlers.

The list below looks at just 5 current and former WWE Superstars whose children are aiming to make a splash in the business in the future.

Bianca Carelli Daughter of WWE Superstar Santino Marella

Bianca Carelli Daughter of WWE Superstar Santino Marella
Initially, Santino Marella came to WWE as a member of the crowd when the company was on tour in Milan, Italy. On his debut night, Marella went on to win the Intercontinental Championship with Bobby Lashley's assistance. But this would appear to be one of the highlights of Superstar's career.

Marella went on to become a comedy character in the business and even dressed as a woman. Calling himself 'Santina,' he won the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal back in 2009. Marella also returned, becoming the first male to join the Women's Royal Rumble as his alter-ego last year.

Back in 2019, Bianca Carelli was presented with a WWE test and attended the event alongside many other relatively unknown names in the industry. Marella's daughter was educated at the Battle Arts Academy, co-owned by her father. This was quite a turnaround, as Bianca Carelli was once not involved in a business career.

Bianca Carelli was once focused on her fitness and modeling career and won the Miss Teen Ontario-World pageant in 2013, before choosing to pursue her father's footsteps in becoming a WWE Superstar.

Despite concentrating on a future career in wrestling in recent years, Bianca Carelli has continued her beauty career and was recently named Miss Galaxy Peel in 2021. Bianca's father had recently revealed that he would be open to returning to WWE, suggesting that one day his father and daughter would share the WWE ring together.

Aurora Rose Levesque Daughter of WWE stars Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

5 WWE Superstars whose children are training to be wrestlers
While Stephanie McMahon had a frequent presence on WWE programming over the past couple of decades, she might take some time off the ring to start her family back in 2006.

That year, the Chief Brand Officer of WWE gave birth to her eldest daughter, Aurora Rose Levesque. McMahon and her husband Triple H later welcomed two other children, Vaughn Evelyn and Murphy Claire. But at present, it's only the oldest daughter of the couple who has shown an interest in the company.

Stephanie McMahon stated during an interview back in 2019 that Aurora Rose Levesque had already begun training to follow in her parent's footsteps at the age of 13.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are supposed to push their daughter to complete their education before joining the firm with their parents.

Simone Johnson Daughter of WWE Superstar The Rock

5 WWE Superstars whose children are training to be wrestlers
The oldest daughter of WWE legend The Rock and his first wife Dany Garcia is Simone Johnson. The 18-year-old was reported last year that he chose to join the family company and start training as a wrestler.

Since then, Simone Johnson has come to the WWE Success Center and is now given some of her best education before her debut in the ring. Simone Johnson is not only following in her father's footsteps but also her grandfather and great-grandpa. Simone Johnson discussed this strain in an interview in 2020.

Simone Johnson has been training as a boxer with WWE since she was just 16 years old, but her career has been troubled by knee problems. Last year, the wrestler-in-training was sidelined again due to an injury, and she later revealed that she would require a third operation on her knee.

Teal Piper Daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper

5 WWE Superstars whose children are training to be wrestlers
When the WWE Hall of Famer passed again in 2015, Rowdy Roddy Teal Piper gave a big boost to the wrestling industry. But his daughter Ariel, who is currently training for a professional wrestler, will fill that void.

Ariel is recognized as Teal Piper and made her debut in the AEW's All Out pay-per-view in a ring back in August 2019, where she was in the Women's Casino Battle Royal.

Teal Piper wasn't able to last a long time in the match and was defeated by Awesome Kong. Since then, the star of the second generation has not made another appearance on AEW TV.

Teal Piper worked for Women of Wrestling in the run-up to the COVID-19 pandemic and recently noted that there may be some potential plans for her after the lockout.

In recent years, Teal Piper has been training with former WWE star Ronda Rousey. Rumors continue to circulate about Rousey's WWE status, and whether or not the worst woman on the planet will make her comeback sometime soon.

David Benoit Son of WWE Superstar Chris Benoit

5 WWE Superstars whose children are training to be wrestlers
Chris Benoit was once regarded as one of the most technically talented wrestlers of his generation. Although the wrestling world has been struggling to ignore The Rabid Wolverine for the last decade, his son is trying to keep up with him.

Last year, David Benoit spoke to Chris Van Vliet, where he unveiled his dream of following his father into the industry.

Benoit Jr. has revealed that he has trained with Lance Storm in the past and decided to continue working in business before signing with New Japan Pro Wrestling or AEW. But no mention was made of the WWE.

The star of the second generation went on to announce that he wanted to wrestle in the same professional style as his father, as well as wearing similar ring clothes.