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5 WWE Superstars struggle with health conditions

5 WWE Superstars struggle with health conditions
WWE Superstars practice their craft for several years, but often health problems will keep their aspirations from occurring.

Many current WWE stars, during their time training, have suffered from food problems, depression, and anxiety. Many of these stars confront different challenges with the organization during their tenure.

Wrestling is a company that attracts much scrutiny from former stars and commentators alike, which adds to the reaction of the WWE wrestler.

However, the market seems to be evolving. In the last two years, mental health problems have been illustrated. Nonetheless, some wrestlers were able to drive away their fitness to seek a future in the world's largest wrestling organization.

The following list looks at only 5 WWE Superstars who are open with their personal life about their recent health challenges.

The WWE Superstar Kyle O'Reilly Has Diabetes

5 WWE Superstars struggle with health conditions
He is one of the most famous stars in the Black and Gold Brand. Kyle O'Reilly was a former Tag Team Champion at NXT. However, doctors once told the former ROH star that diabetes will prevent his potential career in sports entertainment.

In 2019, Kyle O'Reilly used a post from Instagram to demonstrate that it has a continuous glucose meter (CGM) on its arm. This system helps him to continuously control his blood sugar levels and enables him to combat and treat his condition concurrently.

Kyle O'Reilly continues to work consistently at a high pace with WWE, and in a couple of weeks, he may be one of the men joining NXT at WrestleMania this year.

The WWE Champion Daniel Bryan Has Vitiligo

5 WWE Superstars struggle with health conditions
In recent years, Daniel Bryan has had a successful WWE career as his comeback from early retirement was an exceptional journey. He defied the odds and added to his outstanding description a worldwide tag.

But during this time Daniel Bryan dealt with his own inner demons, and the star showed that he fought with Vitiligo.

WWE Universe participants do not know the disorder, but the skin is damaged by autoimmune disorders and is induced to lose coloring pigment. Many patients with the disease have their skin's patches turn white and may even see a hair loss. Vitiligo isn't fatal, but it is remarkable distress. The patches can still form forever, so they can be manageable.

Since his comeback in 2018, Daniel Bryan has been persevering and continuing on WWE's main rosters. He recently joined the design team of the company backstage and welcomed the world's second of his two daughters.

The WWE Superstar Aleister Black Has depression

5 WWE Superstars struggle with health conditions
Since October 2020, Aleister Black has not been seen with WWE, but many fans still expect that he will do big things in WWE.

The former champion of the NXT has an intriguing character and was a very intimate guy at one time. But in 2018 Black opened up his own battle with depression and fear, after his victory in the Championship.

This fight was mentioned in the new SmackDown superstar in an Instagram post.

The goal of Aleister Black's post was to prove to the world of the WWE that he believed that the best chapter of his life will yet come amid the hardship he endured for nearly two decades.

The WWE Champion Sheamus Has Cervical spinal stenosis

5 WWE Superstars struggle with health conditions
Sheamus returns with his childhood friend Drew McIntire to the main event photo on WWE. However, the Celtic Hero was almost forced to retire unnecessarily a few years ago.

Fans heard in 2018 that the Irish actress is having trouble with cervical spinal stenosis. This condition ended Edge's and Paige's career, but The Rated R Powerhouse has since found a way back to the arena.

Because of his inability to remain fit, Sheamus proved that he was unable to recover his reputation as an active athlete at times.

His neck troubles forced the former WWE Champion to change his look. However this move has helped his career to continue, and on WWE RAW he still remains a popular star.

The WWE Champion Bray Wyatt Has Mental health issues

5 WWE Superstars struggle with health conditions
Bray Wyatt in recent years has been one of the world's leading creative minds. The former WWE Champion has dominated the organization since he revealed his Fiend character in 2019. Bray Wyatt's career evidently hits new heights with the monstrous Fiend Gimmick.

In the last two years of his WWE career, Bray Wyatt has been uncanny enough for sharing tales of impressive advancements and outstanding charity work. But in 2020 he learned that his negativity was also motivated by the business.

Bray Wyatt went on Instagram to announce that his family saved his life after a vital fan had destroyed his emotional state. The WWE Universe then called for "better."

Since TLC: desks, bookstores, and seats in December, Bray Wyatt or The Fiend have not been seen on WWE programming. However, his comeback to WrestleMania is supposed to be wide. If he is, many fans are waiting to see Randy Orton back to his hot rivalry.