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5 WWE Superstars who in more than a year have not lost a match

5 WWE Superstars who in more than a year have not lost a match
Many commentaries on WWE have been made in the last few years about their 50-50 supermarket booking, which guarantees that there's never a star above the roster.

Although the 50/50 reservation has emerged in many major feuds in recent years, several wrestlers have managed to escape this and have been unchecked for more than a whole calendar year.

If it is because of injuries or diseases or simply because the creative team has no plans for those stars, they have fewer matches but an even higher percentage of the winning team.

Just 5 WWE Superstars who haven't lost a match in a WWE ring since 2019 can be seen in our following list.

WWE star Former Lars Sullivan

5 WWE Superstars who in more than a year have not lost a match
Lars Sullivan was only released from the WWE in January, so he was able to go on for more than a whole calendar year without being stung in the WWE ring. Following its promotion back in 2019, the former NXT star did not do well in the mainline, but it was also the next big monster in the business.

Lars Sullivan was on the main roster all his time unbeaten. During his tenure in NXT Lars Sullivan lost the last WWE ring during an NXT championship without success, when he challenged Aleister Black for a 2018 NXT Takeover Championship: Chicago II.

Before WWE decided that Lars Sullivan could leave the company earlier this year, despite attempting to make him the next big monster on SmackDown, the main Sullivan Roster call-up was fraught with personal concerns for the former star.

The Freak was released from the organization quietly in January after a few months of WWE programming, with his final game returning on 23 October where the former NXT star defeated Chad Gable.

Current WWE NXT Superstar Karrion Kross

5 WWE Superstars who in more than a year have not lost a match
Karrion Kross made his WWE debut in May 2020 and the star remained untouched on NXT TV in the last few months. In his first year in the company, Karrion Kross had the support of his partner, Scarlett Bordeaux, who allowed him to advance for the NXT Championship.

Sadly, he sustained an injury just months after his debut when Kross had his first chance of lifting the championship. Karrion Kross was held sideways for some time by the split shoulder and had to give up the championship before the hiatus was taken.

Karrion Kross made his comeback on an episode of NXT four months later when he assaulted Damian Priest, and he has been able to maintain his unbeaten streak since then.

The previous IMPACT Wrestling star won WWE in eight matches in 2020 and three matches in 2021 in all eleven matches, according to cagematch.net match statistics. Karrion Kross is the only NXT Superstar who has never lost a match.

WWE Superstar Current Mansoor

5 WWE Superstars who in more than a year have not lost a match
The WWE Universe could recall Mansoor as the Saudi Arab wrestler who won the 51-person Royal Fight in his homeland at the 2019 Super Showdown.

Mansoor has since returned two times to Saudi Arabia, Crown Jewel in 2019, where he defeated Cesaro, and Super Showdown in early 2020, where he defeated Dolph Ziggler. He also returned to Crown Jewel in 2019.

Mansoor has been a famous 205 Live star last year and was able to establish the winning streak on the program. In the past year. Mansoor beat Brian Kendrick's and Jake Atlas's likes on 205 Live and could also defeat Drew Gulak on the Main Event.

Mansoor had 15 matches in 2020 and another six matches so far in 2021, according to Cagematch.net, which means that he was already unbeaten after 21 WWE matches.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE has not visited Saudi Arabia but is expected to return if this is secure.

WWE NXT UK Star Current Aoife Valkyrie

5 WWE Superstars who in more than a year have not lost a match
Aoife Valkyrie, an Irish wrestler, signed with WWE in January 2020 and has since been assigned to the NXT UK brand.

Aoife Valkyrie has defeated the likes of Isla Dawn, Nina Samuels and Amale, in her first year as a member of NXT UK's Women's Division. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the NXT UK brand to cancel most of their shows for several months, the star has remained unbeaten throughout her tenure with the group.

Aoife is just 24 years old, but she has already proven herself in recent matches against Isla Dawn, which may lead to a Championship match against Kay Lee Ray in the future.

Since August 2019, Kay Lee Ray has had a stranglehold on the NXT UK Women's Championship, and WWE may be grooming Aoife Valkyrie to be her next challenger.

Aoife Valkyrie wrestled nine matches for NXT UK in 2020 and only one so far in 2021, according to Cagematch.net, but she has remained unbeaten for more than a year since her WWE debut.

WWE Superstar Current Becky Lynch

5 WWE Superstars who in more than a year have not lost a match
Since revealing that she expected her first baby with WWE star fellow Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch hasnâ t been seen on WWE TV. In Mai 2020, Becky Lynch made an announcement and had to give up and take maternity leave at the RAW Women's Championship.

This year Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins have received a welcome from their daughter, Roux, and Rollins.

The date of the return of Becky Lynch is currently uncertain, but it is understood that since 2019 the former Women's Champion has not lost the WWE game. When she became Champion the man took over WWE and the only woman who put Ronda Rousey in a WWE ring. If not for her announcement of her pregnancy at the beginning of 2020, WWE is more likely to have big plans for The Guy.

In 2019 Becky Lynch wrestled 135 matches and was able to win 105 matches, according to Cagematch.netBecky Lynch played 17 games during 2020 between January and May and was unsuccessful for the year.