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5 Times a Royal Rumble winner didn’t main event WrestleMania

5 Times a Royal Rumble winner didn’t main event WrestleMania
A total of 30 superstars contest the Royal Rumble game each year, but only one will win and walk to WrestleMania's largest pay-per-view of the year for a champion of their choice. Many stars won Royal Rumble over the years, but only a few of them succeeded in the main events of the world championship.

While it seems a little unreasonable and you might not be in agreement, there were good reasons for WWE officials, particularly Vince McMahon, to have Royal Rumble winners placed on the card beforehand and to give other Superstars their principal spot for their case.

Let's see in this list a few Royal Rumble winners and the reason they haven't won the main WrestleMania event.

Edge didn't main event WrestleMania

Edge didn't main event WrestleMania
Edge and Chris Jericho formed an amazing partnership in 2009, winning together with the WWE Tag Team Championships. Edge, however, shot a tendon in one of his legs during a match before both men were able to defend gold.

No doubt here is Here The injury to Edge was a mere accident, and anyone could do anything of this kind. However, for some reason, Y2J finds that "The R-Rated Superstar," soft and of no use, is difficult to believe and branded.

Edge, who entered at number 29, defeated his former tag team partner Chris Jericho and then John Cena to win his first Rumble match. With his victory, Edge vowed to avenge Jericho for insulting his injury and challenged Y2J to WrestleMania for his newly won WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Unfortunately, "The R-Rated Superstar" did not defeat Chris Jericho for the championship at WM, nor did he get to compete in the pay-per-main view's event. The explanation for this is that The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels' match was given precedence.

Edge, on the other hand, hasn't competed in WrestleMania's closing match since losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXIV. He's the 2021 Royal Rumble winner and will face Roman Reigns (or Daniel Bryan) for the Universal Championship at WM, so he could get another one now.

The Undertaker didn't main event WrestleMania

5 Times a Royal Rumble winner didn’t main event WrestleMania
The Undertaker ended up joining the Men's Rumble Match when he was the very last entrant, WrestleMania 23 in the corner and missed the chance to confront Batista at the 2007 Royal Rumble World Heavyweight Championship.

Whilst Shawn Miguel was rooted in the Rumble match of that year, the Deadman scored the chance right under his feet when he pushed HBK over the top rope to announce himself the winner of the 2007 Royal Rumble. After this victory, the Undertaker began his classic Batista rivalry, and the two men ran into a series of tough matches. The series began in WrestleMania 23, where the Deadman competed with the Animal for the Heavyweight World Championship.

The Deadman won Batista over for gold at The Show of Shows and extended the unbeaten line to 15-0. Ok, it didn't get to the main event, unfortunately. That is because, in the main event of WrestleMania 23, the leader in that year's Royal Michaels Rumble was a challenge to John Cena for the WWE Title.

John Cena didn't main event WrestleMania

5 Times a Royal Rumble winner didn’t main event WrestleMania
She threw the right pectoral muscle from the bone six months before WrestleMania 24 when John Cena matched Mr. Kennedy. The Franchise Player had been advised by his doctors that he would remain out of action for very long, because of the scale of Cena's injury. John Cena gave up the WWE Title and then took a hiatus. Therefore.

Known for the extravagant recovery miracles, John Cena defied the odds again and returned to the Royal Royal PPV in less than four months. The Franchise Player took about 10 minutes to enter number 30 in the match in the men's Rumble before removing Triple H, the only other Superstar left.

John Cena hoped to regain the WWE title which he never lost after his victory. Therefore, "The Franchise Player" battled "The Viper" at the No Way Out PPV, rather than the then-current titleholder, Randy Orton, at WrestleMania.

Sadly "The Viper" shattered Cena's hopes because she disqualified herself by deliberately slapping the arsonist in the process, keeping his WWE Title on track.

Randy Orton's title bout WrestleMania wasn't last

5 Times a Royal Rumble winner didn’t main event WrestleMania
Randy Orton secured the second Royal Rumble of his career in 2017, with WrestleMania looming. Orton took about 20 minutes to reach number 23. At the time, only one superstar, Roman Reigns, was eliminated, and the Royal Rumble 2017 winner was honored. After that victory in the WrestleMania main event, Randy Orton was determined to compete for WWE Championship. But after Bray Wyatt, the star with whom Orton was associated at the time, won the belt in the 2017 Elimination Chamber, "The Viper" changed his mind.

Randy Orton gave up his golden chance to show fidelity to his master in the Royal Rumble and left in the breeze, but not for much, the WWE Championships match at WrestleMania. Since "The Viper" is in the essence of turning on his closest associates, Orton quickly betrayed Wyatt and the other Luke Harper factionalist. He also managed to challenge Wyatt for the WrestleMania WWE Championship, but not for the main event.

Yet Randy Orton did not go out empty-handed on the pay-per-view. He took a victory over Wyatt after ten minutes of bug-related action and claimed for the 9th time in his lifetime the WWE Championship and the first time in The Show.

Asuka didn't main event WrestleMania

5 Times a Royal Rumble winner didn’t main event WrestleMania
WrestleMania in 2018 was the first to host a Royal Rumble winner and both a man and a woman, due to the very first Royal Rumble women's game that year. "The Empress of the Tomorrow" Asuka was one of the 30 participants in the match. She entered 23 but deducted a total of three stars before the match was won and history was made. Asuka preferred with her win to confront Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania's SmackDown Women's Championship.

Although it was speculated that Charlotte Flair's dominant title reign and Asuka's illustrious unbeaten streak may have landed the two women in the main event of The Show of Shows, nothing like that happened. Instead, the Universal TItle matchup between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns was the main event venue. At the end of the day, the SmackDown Title match between Charlotte Flair and Asuka was put on the card much sooner.

While several critics doubted the Queen's victory over The Empress of Tomorrow at WrestleMania, the two women were still effective in providing a match that inspired the fans in attendance to send them a rousing ovation for their efforts.