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5 things Alexa Bliss may have announced this week

5 things Alexa Bliss may have announced this week
Alexa Bliss is a longtime female champion by herself, but The Fiend has had Little Miss Bliss under his thumb on both WWE RAW and SmackDown over the past few months.

With The Mandible Claw, Fiend may attack Alexa Bliss. She was taken as his side-kick and then changed his character and personality drastically.

Although Alexa Bliss has been under The Fiend's spell for several months as part of WWE programming, last night's RAW may have represented a major shift in The Fiend's and Randy Orton's storylines. Bliss may have discovered a few surprising possibles swerves.

The following is a list of only five possible items Alexa Bliss might have revealed in her playground on WWE Monday Night RAW last night.

Alexa Bliss on WWE TV now controls the Fiend completely

5 things Alexa Bliss may have announced this week
Alexa Bliss has been seen on RAW with a Jack in the Box-style toy in her hand whenever The Fiend makes an appearance in recent weeks. The former Women's Champion was seen turning the handle on the toy last night on RAW, and when the lid flipped open, The Fiend was seen next to her on the same swing.

Might this be Alexa Bliss demonstrating that she is now in control of Bray Wyatt's alter-ego? It would make sense, given that she was the one who saved The Fiend from certain death at Randy Orton's hands.

Might her Pentagram box be the root of The Fiend's full influence now that he's back on WWE programming? Every time The Fiend has appeared in the last few weeks, the box has been on display.

The Fiend may be a strong being in and of himself, but it's unclear how much influence he bestowed on Alexa Bliss before being burned alive. This may be one of the effects of the dark magic used because she was able to carry him back in the same burnt state he died in.

Storyline Alexa Bliss and the Fiend be similar to when Paul Bearer urn

5 things Alexa Bliss may have announced this week
Even though The Undertaker was once one of WWE's most strong superstars, he had his flaws. This was the urn he was buried in. Whoever had The Undertaker's Urn in their possession had power over the former World Champion, and this may be the tale WWE is trying to piece together with The Fiend.

Alexa Bliss has been seen several times on WWE TV with The Pentagram box in recent weeks, and The Fiend has only appeared when the box has been opened.

This will provide WWE with a slew of new opportunities. It would imply that, despite the fact that Alexa Bliss is now completely in charge of the man whose spell she was once subjected to, her power may be revoked.

The Urn of the Undertaker was stolen and used against him many times throughout his WWE career. The same thing could happen with The Fiend and Alexa Bliss in the coming months if WWE decides this is the direction they want to go with such an intriguing character.

Without Alexa Bliss the Fiend Can't move

5 things Alexa Bliss may have announced this week
Alexa Bliss had a lot to say on WWE RAW last night, but the things she didn't say are maybe the most interesting. The camera pulled back as Bliss ended her monologue, and The Fiend was swinging next to her. Yet he wasn't moving at all, and he seemed to be in a state of catatonia.

Perhaps this is a sign that The Fiend is in a lot of pain after resurrecting, limiting how far he can move, or it's more likely that The Fiend can't move without Alexa Bliss' guidance.

After all, Alexa Bliss was the one who resurrected The Fiend, ordering him to attack Randy Orton midway through their match at WWE Fastlane, and he's only gotten stronger in the last three months.

What if The Fiend is now trapped in his catatonic state before Alexa Bliss needs him? Despite his presence, The Fiend may be the victim in this situation right now.

Randy Orton needs to stop Alexa Bliss on WWE RAW

5 things Alexa Bliss may have announced this week
For months, The Fiend has been chasing Randy Orton on WWE TV. However, after Orton was able to set The Fiend ablaze, he appears to have reawakened something in Alexa Bliss, allowing her to continue the feud.

Bliss is more dominant than she's ever been, as she seems to have complete influence over The Fiend. She's also shown in recent weeks that she has the power to manipulate fire, WWE lighting rigs, and even Randy Orton when he vomits a black liquid.

Over the past few months, the Fiend has been seen as the biggest threat in this feud. But what if Alexa Bliss is the one who requires neutralization? The former WWE Women's Champion now seems to have full influence over The Fiend, and she may be the one who decides whether or not this storyline can proceed. This means that no matter what Randy Orton does to The Fiend, the feud will not end until he also eliminates Alexa Bliss.

The Fiend is already stuck in the playground of Alexa Bliss

5 things Alexa Bliss may have announced this week
It's funny how things work themselves out. Bray Wyatt was once the one who was captured by The Fiend inside the WWE superstar's Firefly Fun House. However, it appears that The Fiend may be the hostage.

The Fiend was seen inside Alexa Bliss' Playground last night on WWE RAW, which was created after The Fiend was set on fire by Randy Orton and The Firefly Fun House was no longer there.

Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt were once stuck inside The Fun House. Yet it appears that she has amassed the strength to not only escape the Fun House but also to entrap The Fiend inside her Playground.

Bliss had seen The Fiend in her Playground on many occasions before he reappeared. Last night, however, it became apparent that Bray Wyatt's alter-ego is now a possible prisoner of Alexa Bliss, and the power dynamic in their relationship has changed dramatically.