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5 Reasons Why The Fiend's New Mask Could Backfire

5 Reasons Why The Fiend's New Look Could Backfire
The Fiend made his return to WWE last weekend at Fastlane and has since re-entered the Randy Orton feud. Back in December, the Viper lit up the stage at TLC.

When the Fiend reappeared, he debuted a new mask. After watching the former Universal Champion burn in the middle of the ring just three months ago, the WWE Universe awaited an improvement.

The Fiend's latest mask has gotten a lot of coverage in the last week. Bray Wyatt is widely regarded as one of the most terrifying superstars in the business right now, if not all time.

Although this new mask achieved the desired impact for WWE when The Fiend returned, it could be argued that it isn't realistic for the superstar in the future.

The Fiend will wrestle in his new attire in front of a living crowd

5 Reasons Why The Fiend's New Look Could Backfire
Since his return in his new outfit, the Fiend has only had to appear in a WWE ring and deliver a couple of moves, raising the question of whether it is realistic.

The former Universal Champion will face Randy Orton in a Cinematic match at WrestleMania, which takes place in just over a week. The WWE Universe will make a comeback at WrestleMania, and they are supposed to appear at a variety of subsequent events. But, in his new outfit, can The Fiend wrestle?

What if his mask falls off, destroying the illusion, as Reckoning's mask did on RAW a few months ago? WWE stars must wrestle in front of an audience, and The Fiend will be forced into a live match at some stage, putting his new gear to the test.

It's possible that The Fiend has already wrestled in this outfit to ensure that it fits in front of a live audience, but accidents do happen. On live television, The Fiend losing his mask or other parts of his outfit may be a big issue.

Is The Fiend's latest look too high-maintenance?

5 Reasons Why The Fiend's New Look Could Backfire
Since 2019, Bray Wyatt has been playing himself and The Fiend on WWE TV, and it's expected that Bray Wyatt will return as a character at some stage in the future. If Bray Wyatt reappears, it's likely that The Fiend and Wyatt will switch characters to maintain the illusion that they're two different people.

When Bray Wyatt simply changed his costume and mask, WWE was able to do this many times without an audience. However, The Fiend's new mask necessitates even more makeup and costume adjustments, implying that it will take far longer to prepare.

Although some actors, such as Jeff Hardy and Goldust, spend hours painting their faces before matches, Bray Wyatt must finally realize how time-consuming this current mask has become and come up with a new way to bring his character alive.

Do sponsors of WWE approve the change of The Fiend?

5 Reasons Why The Fiend's New Look Could Backfire
WWE has a number of sponsors with whom they must maintain a good working relationship. However, The Fiend's new mask may be a concern, since it is something that many families could object to.

WWE has been forced to abandon or alter storylines in recent years due to interference from television networks and sponsors. If there are people who are annoyed by The Fiend's latest appearance, this could happen in the future.

Since his return, The Fiend has already made an appearance on Monday Night RAW, and there doesn't seem to have been much of a reaction. It will be exciting to see how this situation improves.

When Dean Ambrose was set to feud with Nia Jax, there was talk of inter-gender matches making a comeback to the show. Sponsors, however, reportedly pressured WWE to abandon the initiative.

Since Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss clashed in an inter-gender match at Fastlane, this storyline has already pushed several boundaries, so it's unknown where WWE will go next.

Is this a long-term plan for The Fiend to pursue?

5 Reasons Why The Fiend's New Look Could Backfire
Will The Fiend be forced to wear this outfit for the remainder of his career now that Randy Orton has burned him to the point of unrecognizable? After all, the shock factor has worn off, and WWE was making a lot of money off The Fiend and his original mask, as Vince Russo pointed out earlier this week. Will the corporation find a way to reclaim The Fiend?

While the new mask could be used as a Halloween costume, it is unlikely to be as popular with the younger generation as The Fiend's original mask.

Bray Wyatt only has a few years left in the WWE, and it's doubtful that he'll stick with this mask for the rest of his career. Seeing how far The Fiend's character has advanced since his introduction, it's possible that The Fiend will be able to regress to his former appearance through supernatural means.

What does the latest Mask of The Fiend mean for young kids?

5 Reasons Why The Fiend's New Mask Could Backfire
The Fiend was already a terrifying figure. Bray Wyatt, on the other hand, was able to strike a delicate balance between speaking to both children and adults. WWE has gone into unique detail with his arms, legs, and even his hair to prove he has been seriously burnt, so The Fiend's latest mask might not be worthy of doing the same.

WWE has grown over the years, and despite the fact that the business is no longer known as PG, many young people still tune in to watch the show. Many children look up to WWE Superstars, according to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and this frightening transition may be a problem for many of them.

Might The Fiend's latest appearance be too frightening for the WWE Universe's younger fans? Will this cause big issues for WWE when the WWE Universe is permitted to return to live events in the near future?