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5 Positions When John Cena retires may fill WWE

5 Positions When John Cena retires may fill WWE
John Cena is a major media celebrity and one of WWE's most well-known personalities. Just a handful of wrestlers could have kept the business for the majority of the PG Period.

The Leader of the Cenation is a 16-time World Champion and has headlined several WrestleManias, making him a lock for induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. Due to his acting obligations, John Cena's ring appearances have dwindled in recent years.

His wrestling career could be over as a result of this. If he does decide to retire from acting, he can still contribute to the business by working on-screen or behind the scenes. Vince McMahon and WWE have John Cena's undivided attention.

He still turns up when The Chairman wants him the most, considering his increasing Hollywood success. When John Cena retires, here are five positions he may play in WWE.

John Cena will join the creative team of WWE

5 Positions When John Cena retires may fill WWE
If John Cena is forced to join the WWE Creative Writing Squad, his background in the film industry will come in handy. It won't be the first time a former World Champion collaborates with the people who create the TV show's plots and promos.

Daniel Bryan, the current WWE SmackDown champion, is also collaborating with the creative team. John Cena is well-versed in the art of storytelling, and he has a good understanding of what WWE viewers want to see. This would greatly boost the product by making it more entertaining.

While Vince McMahon has the final say on all that is shown on his shows, he won't turn down any of John Cena's pitches due to their tight friendship and confidence.

John Cena may be a WWE coach

5 Positions When John Cena retires may fill WWE
John Cena was born to lift weights and do push-ups. He was a professional bodybuilder before becoming a WWE Celebrity. Cena knows a thing or two about building muscle and abs, and his OVW wrestling training under Jim Cornette has prepared him to coach potential WWE superstars.

The amazing workout routine of John Cena is extremely accurate. Whenever he was forced to leave the ring due to injury, he was able to return much earlier than expected. He'll be paying his dues and helping others get fit by teaching other wrestlers in the Performance Center.

WWE Producer John Cena is a possibility

5 Positions When John Cena retires may fill WWE
WWE Producers are responsible for a variety of duties in the business. They collaborate closely with wrestlers to ensure that matches and segments go off without a hitch.

As a producer, John Cena would be a perfect match. Shane Helms, Jason Jordan, Tyson Kidd, and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle are among the other WWE stars who have taken on this job. Over the years, John Cena has had a variety of memorable matches, and he could inspire other wrestlers to follow in his footsteps.

John Cena can be hired as a special commentator

5 Positions When John Cena retires may fill WWE
Because of his outstanding mic skills, John Cena will be an excellent addition to WWE's commentary squad. He'd be an excellent substitute for Michael Cole on SmackDown, or he might replace Samoa Joe on RAW until the latter returns to the ring.

John Cena could also serve as a commentator for major events like pay-per-views and special shows. Every week, whatever program he contributes commentary to will see a large rise in ratings.

John Cena and managing a WWE Superstar

5 Positions When John Cena retires may fill WWE
In WWE, John Cena will make an outstanding boss. He is one of the strongest promoters in the industry's history. He could put his promo skills to good use by speaking on behalf of a WWE Superstar who is lacking in the skills but phenomenal in the ring.

Imagine if John Cena was in charge of Aleister Black or Andrade, two former WWE stars. Their careers might have risen to new heights, and they would have gotten the rub they so desperately needed to thrive in WWE.