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5 Exciting Moments of WWE Fastlane 2021

5 Exciting Moments of WWE Fastlane 2021
WWE Fastlane was a good performance on Sunday night. In three weeks, it sure did a lot of preparation for WrestleMania. The majority of the matches had inconclusive endings, making the first hour of the show frustrating in terms of match quality.

Two excellent matches unquestionably saved the show. The No Holds Barred Match was a brutal brawl. And the main event of WWE Fastlane was a spectacular match with some fantastic storytelling. The WWE Universal Championship's Road to WrestleMania has just gotten a lot more interesting.

Although we try to find out why the Old Spice Guy won the 24/7 Championship, we can divert our attention by presenting the top 5 most exciting moments of WWE Fastlane 2021:

WWE Fastlane 2021 RETRIBUTION Ends

5 Exciting Moments of WWE Fastlane 2021
When Slapjack leaves your party at WWE Fastlane, you know it's the end of an era. Indeed, these are difficult times.

Mustafa Ali faced off against Riddle for the WWE United States Championship. It was a good match with lots of action in the fast-paced 10 minutes. Ali proved to be a credible threat as he handled the bulk of the offense.

Mustafa Ali's problem was that he was so preoccupied with boasting about RETRIBUTION that he let Riddle back into the match. This allowed Riddle to hit his Bro Derek slam from the top rope for the victory. It was an exciting finish to their match at WWE Fastlane. The most shocking feature of the Kickoff Broadcast, however, was the post-match incidents.

Mustafa Ali felt compelled to blame the defeat on RETRIBUTION. Reckoning was the first to leave the ring, followed by Slapjack. T-Bar and Mace were then able to strike Ali with a double chokeslam. After the events of WWE Fastlane, it appears that RETRIBUTION is over. It was one of the most underwhelming stables in recent WWE history. Let's hope the talented wrestlers in this community get better storylines in the future.

The strange finish at the WWE Fastlane 2021

5 Exciting Moments of WWE Fastlane 2021
In the last few weeks after SmackDown turned on heel ahead of WWE Fastlane, Apollo crews have done the best work. He had a vicious side and had his Nigerian origins incorporated into his persona. It seemed good for an excellent match for the Intercontinental Championships at WWE Fastlane between the Big E and Apollo teams. Instead, what we got was really surprising and disappointing.

WWE Fastlane was intense throughout the first five minutes of action. They hurried to an end, where both Big E and the crews attempted to catch their pinfall. It was difficult to say who was stuck as the referee rebooted her count several times.

The referee had counted to three and said Big E won just as it looked like it had come back into the game. It was a confusing way to finish what was supposed to be one of the best WWE Fastlane matches.

After that match, the crews were not happy and attacked Big E. It looks like a smart way to get the crews back to heat and retrofit them in WrestleMania. The only way to get to that match was as cheap and unexpected. It seemed like a waste of time at their clash at WWE Fastlane. Here's hoping their return is much better in WrestleMania.

WWE Fastlane 2021's very physical No Holds Barred Match

5 Exciting Moments of WWE Fastlane 2021
Monday night, RAW, ahead of WWE Fastlane, did a decent job of building and dismissing friends between Sheamus and Drew McIntyre. When the relationship came to an end, they had a number of matches on the RAW over the last weeks. They brought the fight to a different stage in WWE Fastlane.

The WWE Fastlane No Holds Barred Match seems to be the ideal conclusion to a highly personal rivalry. For nearly 20 minutes, the two friends actually went to fight. Drew McIntyre also wore face paint.

They also inflicted countless kendo stick shots on one another, resulting in noticeable cuts and bruises. When Drew whipped Sheamus through a slew of Thunderdome windows, sparks flew. Sheamus had recovered sufficiently to strike a White Noise on the announce pad. It had been a hard few minutes.

They returned to the ring for the final round. Sheamus took a section of the announce table into the ring to be used. Drew won the match by dropping Sheamus with a Future Shock DDT and immediately following it up with a Claymore Kick. Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship would have a lot to live up to after the brutality of the McIntyre/Sheamus feud.

WWE Fastlane 2021's Fiend Returns

5 Exciting Moments of WWE Fastlane 2021
It was shocking that Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton had announced a match at WWE Fastlane. In recent weeks we've seen many insane things with this rivalry, but in the WWE, an intergender match is rare. We (like) watched a match between the two superstars at WWE Fastlane. It was some surprising unexpected what we really saw.

It's a bit of a stretch to call what happened at WWE Fastlane. It was a movie experience with the torment of Randy Orton by Alexa Bliss. It had lights dropped somewhere and nearly hit Orton. Again, she even tried the trick of the fireball. It was time for a horrendous return, just when it seems that Randy Orton is about to take his hands over Alexa Bliss.

In the feather of fire, the Fiend rose through the ring canvas. His mask and whole body were horribly burned this time. His mask on Sunday evening was particularly uncomfortable. This return allowed a distracted Randy Orton to be cut through the neck-breaker of The Fiend's Sister Abigail. Then Alexa Bliss rapidly won the WWE Fastlane victory. Expect more games of the mind and creepy times between the three in front of WrestleMania.

WWE Fastlane 2021 Roman Reigns tapes out

5 Exciting Moments of WWE Fastlane 2021
WWE did a great job in establishing Roman Reigns and Edge's upcoming WrestleMania Match, so it was interesting to see Daniel Bryans put in WWE Fastlane's title pictures. He has shown the same desperation as Edge in the last few weeks as he thought this was his only way to return to the main WrestleMania event.

However, the fact that Roman Reigns was gained at Edge at WrestleMania seemed unavoidable. This changed rapidly to a surprising and shocking end on Sunday evening.

This is one of the best games this year, with the 30-minute match between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. It was an outstanding combination of the power movement of Reigns versus the ability of Bryan to submit. In his A-game for WWE Fastlane's offense, Daniel Bryan certainly was. It was the shocking ending to affect potential WWE tales.

The referee had been knocked out late in the game. This obliges Edge to take part as the enforcer and temporary referee in the WWE Universal Championship game at WWE Fastlane. He attempted to call the match before Jey Uso intervened. The result was a chair that Daniel Bryan unintentionally struck Edge.

Daniel Bryan placed the Yes-Lock on the Roman Reigns who continued to tap. Without an official available. Edge, recovering eventually, then knocked Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns on a chair, then left frustratingly. Roman Reigns could profit from this and get the pinfall.

It was astonishing that on Sunday night Daniel Bryan had reserved so hard. This leads to a significant question: how can WWE prevent Daniel Bryan from playing at WrestleMania's Universal championship? In the next three weeks, it will be a nice story to watch.