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Paige's Every Version Graded From Worst to Best

Paige's Every Version Graded From Worst to Best
The career of Paige ended before she hit her first, but she was still able to play her character in many iterations, ranging from the worst to the best.

Paige's WWE career was not as she anticipated with an early exit from the ring due to injury. The beginning of her time as a teenager allowed her to sign at a lesser age with WWE. During her NXT and main roster stints, Paige achieved a lot.

Every chapter of her wrestling career has been fruitful in different ways. Paige certainly liked to wrestle for something else, but since her retirement, she has done well in other facets of the game. Paige demonstrated many sides of her game during her time at the ring. See the Paige versions as everyone is graded from the worst to the best.

Managing Kabuki Warriors

When WWE represented the Kairi and Asuka Sane tag team as Kabuki Warriors she was trying to use Paige as a boss. Sane was summoned to the main NXT roster and placed with Asuka in the duo, as Paige talked to them because of their language barrier.

The fit did not really sound, since Paige's promos did not match the look of the Kabuki Warriors. Kairi and Asuka knew enough English and had the charm to get around without a boss. When Paige was removed as their boss, Kabuki Warriors thrived to dominate the division women's tag team.

Heel Feuding With Charlotte Flair

Paige's Every Version Graded From Worst to Best
After her heel turn, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair came one of the worst versions of Paige, a wrestler. WWE put Charlotte Flair and Paige in an intensively personal plan, anticipating good outcomes during the Divas championship.

When she mocked the death of Charlotte's younger brother Reid Flair, she tried to play the character of Edgier who jumpered the shark instantly. The feud was a tragedy and soon after her heel was struck down as edgy villain, Paige changed his face.

Paige's Broadcaster

The new role of Paige in WWE sees her attempting to broadcast. After she lost her job as Smackdown General Manager, WWE had struggled to find the right place to build WWE backstage.

Christian and Booker T joined Renee Young and Paige as the principal panelists who debated WWE issues. Paige played a good part, but the show never took a step forward and was canceled more quickly than expected. Fox gets the WWE case on occasion, and Paige is usually returned to them.

Team With Paige In The PCB Faction

The WWE attempted the early beginning of women's evolution to fight against the faction. Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch have been called up in Team Bella and Team Bad to team up with Paige from the PCB party.

Paige was the chief of PCB as the biggest star until after several months Charlotte Flair was pushed beyond her own. All three competitors sacrificed to work together, but Paige sat down as she easily lost her status as chief.

AJ Lee Vs Heel

During their 2014 competition, WWE tried to keep Paige as their face and AJ Lee as their heel. The foundation of the fans, however, will push AJ Lee as a heel to pivot WWE by turning Paige heel and AJ Lee into the face.

Paige reflected Lee's gritty stalk habits in hopes of getting under his skin on many occasions when sharing the Divas Championship. This was their worst chapter as Paige had felt incredibly compelled to turn.

Teaming up with AJ Lee

Paige's Every Version Graded From Worst to Best
In 2015, the bizarre relationship between Paige and AJ Lee meant that they rivaled to tag team partners. Nikki and Brie Bella have been their frequent enemies and have been forced to come together in the hope of standing against the twins at the Grand Stage of Everything.

On the largest show of the year, WrestleMania 31 featured the ladies who had a special non-Lumberjill or fighting the royal battle. From their time working together, Paige and AJ Lee had great chemistry to have a fun short team running before AJ Lee retired.

The Absolution

After her neck surgery, Paige's long absence and numerous other complications will see her come back in an awful way. As the heel trio formed Absolution, Paige introduced new stars, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

Sadly, another injury will quickly end Paige's time in the ring and push her into a management role. During her short wrestling back, Paige was impressive, and due to her chemical treatment with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, she did well as a trainer.

Divas Underdog Champion

Paige had one of the biggest big roster call-ups ever when she defeated AJ Lee on her first night in the Divas Championship. The Raw after WrestleMania 30 featured diehard fans with a massive ovation who knew Paige's NXT job. Right now.

WWE began growing her as one of the newest stars in the women's division. Paige was linked to the audience and obviously could be a big star. While she could not reach her full potential, Paige has had some of her best success in her career this time.

Manager General

Paige's Every Version Graded From Worst to Best
In 2018, she was elected Smackdown's General Manager, one of the best openings for Paige. Daniel Bryan had gone out of retirement, and Paige seemed to be the right option after her retirement to replace him.

Paige prospered, playing a rare figure of face authority, and made wise moves to boost Smackdown. The use of social media has led Paige to engage in games between the competitors and to add new logic to the position. Unfortunately, with the McMahon family running both shows and fans, WWE trying to "shake things up" has seen them drop the gm positions.

Star of the NXT

In the early phases of NXT, Triple H pulled Paige all in. Immediately it was obvious that Triple H respected women's wrestling more than ever before as fans saw Paige rise as an NXT Women's Champion.

Paige and Emma had time to play strong matches so that fans knew how successful the division of women might have been. NXT saw Paige as a pillar in the advancement of women. She never even skipped the NXT Women's Championship since she was vacated from the main roster after her call-up.