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The Miz is weaker than Jinder Mahal in WWE

The Miz is weaker than Jinder Mahal, in WWE
At Elimination Chamber 2021, The Miz cashed in the Money in the Bank contract and defeated Drew McIntyre to become the WWE champion. The rumor mill says that Miz will soon lose the title to Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley, who fight for the 37th WWE Championship. The main reason the rumors are so easy to believe is that Miz has zero legitimacy as WWE champion now, unlike Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre.

Jinder Mahal, a laborer who won the Randy Orton title in May 2017, is one of the worst WWE champions I can remember. If that wasn't insane enough, in a reign that included several pay-per-view (PPV) victories over Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura, Mahal went on to retain that title for almost six months.

Jinder Mahal was absolutely bewildered by the decision to give the word. He was a long-time worker from his 3MB days all the way to early 2017, when he became one of the very few wrestlers to lose against Cesaro in a single PPV match. Unlike The Miz, however, WWE actually started driving Jinder Mahal into the month leading up to his championship victory.

Jinder Mahal won a 6-pack challenge on the 18th of April 2017 edition of SmackDown to become the number one competitor. It came out of nowhere the win. On May 2, in a single game Mahal beat Sami Zayn. In a team game of six days on May 9, Jinder Mahal pinned Randy Orton. Mahal beat AJ Styles one week later. Mahal was the new WWE champion five days later.

This illustrates that once Jinder Mahal was pulled into the top spot, WWE took about a month to win him in the hope that years of bad booking would have been enough to exclude them. It wasn't, but they tried it at least.

The Miz has taken the mantle 

The Miz is weaker than Jinder Mahal in WWE
Now that The Miz is the WWE champion, apart from Mr. Vince McMahon in 1999, he has taken the mantle from Jinder Mahal as the worst WWE champion ever. For most of the previous year, Miz was a constant loser on WWE TV. Miz has wrestled in 34 matches dating back to May 2020, according to the CageMatch records, which is right after the time he and John Morrison lost the SmackDown tag titles. His win-loss record is 6-27-11-11 since the start of May 2020.

A cash-in over McIntyre was one of those wins. Another was the Cell 2020 match against Otis in Hell, where, due to Tucker's betrayal, he won the Money in the Bank deal. Three of the victories were matches with handicaps where The Miz had the numbers in his favor. At a pre-show Battle Royal, the remaining win came.

The defeats include several handicap matches in which Miz favored the numbers, as well as rivals such as Gran Metalik, Damian Priest, Jeff Hardy, Heavy Machinery, Kofi Kingston, Bray Wyatt Fun House, and Big E. The record shows that unless Miz is wrestling with the numbers in his favor in a handicap match, his status is very close to that of a worker.

Contrary to Mahal, the WWE did not attempt to portray Miz as a trustworthy champion remotely even though they had time for Miz. After Miz lost money at TLC 2020 in the Bank's contract at first, they finally put it back on him two months ago.

This was also because they learned that the WWE championship might potentially be victorious. But since then, before winning the WWE championship, Miz hasn't been able to claim that he is championship material.

One of the opposite points is that Miz is a cowardly heel and cowardly heels should not be reserved firmly. Not all heels like Brock Lesnar must be a badass, right? Of course, this ignores the greater argument that cowardly heels are very successful in using their tactics to win somehow. As the above record shows, the Miz isn't a cowardly heel very successful, because he is always losing it.

Bad Bunny Can Beat The Miz

The Miz is weaker than Jinder Mahal in WWE
Right now, the Miz is so frail that it is totally realistic to think that Bad Bunny, the unwrestler, would legitimately win the WWE Championship if WWE wanted to go in that direction. This is not because Bad Bunny is a prodigy in wrestling; it is because Bad Bunny is already feuding The Miz and it has become obvious that almost everyone can beat The Miz.

One reason why the WWE should decide is that its reservation is dumb for at least another couple of years. Every year the World Wide Web has approximately $500 million through its huge TV agreements and the recent Peacock Agreement. WWE is the material manufacturer.

As long as they can pump out the material, for the next few years, they have a lot of guaranteed income. This is why WWE doesn't have to prioritize fighting that people actually purchase. The final result is Miz will not damage the bottom line as the WWE champion for a couple of weeks.

It doesn't look like a six-month reign lies ahead of The Miz, unlike the Jinder Mahal case. But the fact that he's arguably the worst WWE champion of all time doesn't change that.