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5 Wrestlers who fought wild animals

5 Wrestlers who fought wild animals
That a sport that is scripted makes room for many choices. With millions of viewers watching the series, wrestlers engage in feuds, form alliances, turn on each other and participate in matches on major stages. Wrestlers taking wild animals back in the 20th century was not uncommon.

This era is full of wrestlers' examples matching tigers, wild bears, and alligators. In the following list, five wrestling people who have taken wild animals on the ring will be looked at.

Terrible Ted with a wrestler named The Beast

Terrible Ted, a Canadian American black bear, is probably the most famous 'wrestler' in history. By 1959, he had won more than 500 matches in Stampede Wrestling.

Terrible Ted debuted in the World Wide Wrestling Federation, now known as World Wrestling Entertainment, in 1971. On October 15, 1971, Ted wrestled his very first WWWF match against wrestler Yvon Cormier, known famously as The Beast.

The contest was held at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh. About a year later, Terrible Ted participated in a Tag Team Match with the late, great Rocky Johnson (Father of The Rock ), a future WWE Hall of Famer.

The match saw Johnson and Ted's team battling against Luke Graham and Fritz von Goering. Terrible Ted also took on female wrestler, with Tanya West is her first female adversary.

Tuffy Truesdale wrestles an alligator

5 Wrestlers who fought wild animals
Tuffy Truesdale claimed to be the United States' final Middleweight Wrestling Champion and the first person to dare to struggle alligators to make a living. This February 23, 1970 article describes in detail the famous battle of the wrestler with alligators and other wild animals.

On several occasions, Tuffy Truesdale wrested an alligator named Rodney, with several of his outings being announced in newsagents.

Alligators are one of the world's most deadly carnivores; the mere thought of grappling is enough to shiver your back. But it was a gig for Tuffy Truesdale that allowed him to make a living for years.

WWE legend Bruno Sammartino takes on an orangutan

Bruno Sammartino is considered one of the biggest wrestlers in the squared circle to ever move forward. He was named by fellow wrestler Terry Funk "bigger than wrestling."

For years Bruno Sammartino has been fighting and defeating the best. Interestingly, when he had yet to make a name for himself inside the squared circle, Sammartino wrestled an orangutan. Bruno spoke about it extensively, and it's obvious that his wrestling wasn't very healthy.

Bruno Sammartino is a distinguished industry wrestler. He captured twice the WWE crown (then the WWWF title), with over 11 years of cumulative reign. Because of his contribution to the pro-wrestling community, Bruno Sammartino was brought to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

WWE wrestler Billy Graham wrestled Terrible Ted

5 Wrestlers who fought wild animals
In the 1970s Billy Graham had been a very famous wrestler, and the likes of Hulk Hogan and Jesse Ventura were influenced by his personality years later. He was a former WWE champion and beat Bruno Sammartino for the belt he had enjoyed for a little more than nine months.

Billy Graham was challenged to wrestle a bear during his time in San Fransisco. Graham considers the thought of wrestling a bear ludicrous and claims it killed its hotness as a villain according to his autobiography. At the beginning of his wrestling experience, the pro-wrestling legend didn't thin his expressions.

Billy Graham has been honored in 2004, and that year was added to the WWE Hall of Fame for her contributions to pro-wrestling. Since then, Billy Graham has publicly criticized the WWE product.

wrestler Stu Hart Challenge a Bengal Tiger

5 Wrestlers who fought wild animals
Stu Hart was one of Canada's biggest pro-wrestler. He was the founder of Stampede Wrestling, which was the beginning of future stars like Owen Hart and Bret Hart.

In Stampede Wrestling, Stu Hart used to wrestling famous tigers. His outing with Sasha "Chi-Chi" was the most famous match between Stu Hart and a tiger The entire show at the Calgary Fish and Wildlife Association was an advertisement ploy and attracted the attention of many fans at the time.

Diana Hart, Stu's daughter, said he borrowed a Cheetah and probably worried about the animal's wrestling.

In the 90s, Bret 'The Hitman' Hart and Owens Hart had been seen on WWE TV on many occasions, during which time the companies were top wrestlers. In 2010, WWE took him with Bret to the Hall of Fame.

Many of his peers called Stu Hart a hard man, but none thought that he would wrestle a real Bengal Tiger in their wildest dreams.