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5 things which Triple H will change if he takes over from Vince McMahon

5 things which Triple H will change if he takes over from Vince McMahon
In the mid-90s, Triple H joined the WWE and was given a sophisticated French-Canadian aristocrat's gimmick. He became soon acquainted with Shawn Michaels and a member of the notorious backstage community called the Klik.

About two decades later, Triple H is WWE's COO and is all set to take over the business in the near future. It's plain as day that with a bunch of decisions that Vince McMahon makes when it comes to his business, the new generation of fans does not see eye to eye.

His choices have converted the WWE into a global trend, but have also ended up irking long-time supporters. While Vince McMahon is widely considered to be the smartest businessman in professional wrestling history, not every decision he has made in the past has been embraced by the WWE Universe.

The fans are waiting for The Game to take over with bated breath, and rectify the errors Vince McMahon has made. Here are five of the errors that will be corrected when WWE is taken over by Triple H.

Oversight Over The Commentators

5 things which Triple H will change if he takes over from Vince McMahon
It is common knowledge that during a gig, Michael Cole and a bunch of other commentators are linked to Vince McMahon, who order them to make certain comments, plug stuff, or bring a talent over/bury in real-time.

This highly irritating technique causes the standard of live comment to decrease. When calling a match, the commentator must be set free and allowed free reign over the comment table. It will be possible to eradicate this ludicrous control tactic once Triple H is taken over.

Let us take you back to January 1999 to give you an overview of how comments play a major role. In the Monday night battle' era, WCW and WWE engaged in high stakes.

WWE Raw was a pre-taped show on Monday with a live WCW match. WCW managing producer Eric Bischoff decided to spoil Raw's performance for the fans, his colleague Tony Schiavone. Last, the WWE championship winner against The Rock was announced by Mick Foley in the air to avoid them flipping channels to the WWE.

As an estimated six hundred thousand households flipped channels to watch Foley make history, the outcome of this move turned out to be a blunder for WCW.

This move has also been considered the first clock in the coffin of WCW since RAW took the momentum and dominated the battle of ratings after that.

Term Prohibition Unnecessary

Becky Lynch has recently begun calling himself Becky 2 Belts, and the nickname has evolved in the world of the WWE. Astonishingly, The Man is permitted to speak the word 'belts.' In addition, it was confirmed that Vince McMahon banned the word from words.

Although this is a refreshing improvement, it's still a transcript that Vince McMahon bans words such as wrestling and wrestlers, and no Superstar can use them. The latest information has shown that during Wrestle Mania 36 Press Conference in Tampa Bay, WWE had come up with some words that were forbidden from being used.

Triple H lives and breathes, and has freely taken up the word. There's a chance that viewers won't hear a lot of words on WWE TV because he's been taking the reins a long time.

This definitely will be a return to the DX days of Triple H where only the most choice of terms had been selected for each section in which the faction participates.

Spoon feeding promos

5 things which Triple H will change if he takes over from Vince McMahon
Do you recall Alexa Bliss and Bayley's part "This is your life"? Or when a story with the big show was shared between Roman Reigns?

This is a pattern that over the past few years has become a routine. The wrestlers are spoon-feeders, contributing to the destruction of even the strongest of the segments. When Sasha Banks and Bayley feuded with each other, the parade was in full swing. Their backstage ads gave the atmosphere of a bad rehearsal.

They should be granted the right to make their promos instead of giving their pre-written lines to wrestlers. This was done with Bray Wyatt and he delivered some of the best promotions in his first WWE race in recent history. Triple H, as a master in the microphone himself, more than anyone understands this fact; surely once he gets on with this issue.

Successful promotion is a very important ability that every WWE superstar must-have. Roman Reigns exalted himself as a wrestler during the first years, but could not capture the audience's imagination due to weak micro competencies.

Let us look forward to more pipe bombs with Hunter in charge and feeding fewer spoon bombs.

Control Over Wrestlers

Yeah, so many exceptional talents succeeded in winning the brass ring and becoming a legit big event Superstars of the WWE: Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owes, and AJ Styles recall it right away.

However, what about the EC3 likes, Samoa Joe, and a few other likes? No secret that WWE likes to drive home-grown talents and give them preference over external talents. Over the past two years, Samoa Joe has been a glorified worker.

EC3's burial seems to have come about because he didn't come with the company because in the past he had badmouthed WWE. In addition, the manner in which WWE managed former Superstar Luke Harper's and tag team equipment The Revival was gathered in loads of ads.

When The Game takes over, it will aim to bring the best to the WWE World, and it will always place the company above all else. He had recently persuaded Goldust to let Vince McMahon go and had spared him from sharing the destiny of Luke Harper. This shouts just big expectations for the future.

NXT Superstars treatment on the main roster

5 things which Triple H will change if he takes over from Vince McMahon
The biggest challenge the organization has been facing for a long time is NXT Celebrity care. There is a long list of NXT call-ups that should have grown big on the main roster but were totally ruined.

Superstars such as Asuka, Braun Strowman, Shinsuke Nakamura, EC3 or Ember Moon, and The Revival are only a few of the long names that were destroyed on the main roster when they arrived.

It is evident that when calling up some of these Superstar's, WWE does not have definite plans which will result in a promising talent that will be lost. NXT is something similar to the heart of Triple H. He's shed his sweat and blood to make it the brand of the most famous fans of WWE.

With the takeover of WWE, NXT Superstars will be best handled for the main brands, and only if they are properly established and groomed will he attempt to make it happen.