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5 Most Possible Opponents of Roman Reigns at Fastlane

5 Most likely Roman Reigns WWE Universal Championship opponents
For the WWE universal championship in WrestleMania, Roman Reigns is expected to face Edge in a big event. That leaves us with the convincing question of who is going to be his opponent in Fastlane 2021.

Five men will surely contend with Romans Reigns in a friendly match before WrestleMania 37 in a WWE Universal Championship. This time, the Challenger of the Tribal Chief will not be weakened earlier that night by a confrontation.

Then who would be the fortunate (/unlucky?) challenger? Let's see and explore 5 potential competitors! It should be recalled that everyone Roman Reigns faces Fastlane 2021 will most probably lose the match because the match is Edge vs Roman Reigns.

Will Cesaro and Roman Reigns be able to slug it out

More than one WWE Universe member wanted Cesaro to win this week's elimination match and then face Roman Reigns. Unfortunately, the Swiss Cyborg came up short of the race. But maybe that was best if you take into account how the next match between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns played.

Perhaps the construction of Cesaro vs Roman Reigns starts with SmackDown, which follows the Chamber of the Elimination. It will be a big move forward for Swiss Cyborg to reach the World Cup. And thanks to Seth Rollins, he might come up short.

This could serve as the background in WrestleMania for Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro. Cesaro's rivalry at the WWE Universal Championship will affirm that he needs a great deal of momentum to join this feud. In your view, is Cesaro currently credible in joining a feud at Fastlane with Roman Reigns?

The Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns saga may not be over

5 Most likely Roman Reigns WWE Universal Championship opponents
Roman Reigns did Daniel Bryan's short work in the competition, while Edge crashed on the group for a spear. The moment had been eclipsed. One might wonder if we owe an important game in Fastlane to Daniel Bryan against Roman Reigns.

And perhaps we're going to have the build that a feud merits. In reality, both men had already been faced in what had been a memorable and titanic confrontation at Fastlane in the past.

When he rushed against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane 2015, Roman Reigns was victorious. This will possibly be the result again if the match takes place in Fastlane 2021. For Daniel Bryan, that certainly won't be a step back. It may play an important role in constructing Roman Reigns versus Edge.

Rey Mysterio could ride off into the sunset

5 Most likely Roman Reigns WWE Universal Championship opponents
During his WWE SmackDown stint, Roman Reigns was cast as the great bully. If someone has to go up against him, it makes sense that the babyface in this case is the underdog. In the glorious past of pro wrestling, there has not been a better underdog babyface than Rey Mysterio.

And maybe Dominik could rub the Roman Reigns as well with tag team situations that pit him against The Tribal Chief and Jey Uso with his aunt. In any Roman reigns tale, until now the essence of 'family feuds' is very present. It's obviously the same with Rey Mysterio who highlights their families at RAW and SmackDown.

The end of his illustrious career is approaching for Rey Mysterio.

Is it possible to end with a glamorous note against Roman Reigns, that he comes close to winning the WWE Universal championship but comes close next month at WWE Fastlane 2021?

Campaign Murphy could directly lead him into Roman Reigns

Recall Roman Reigns and Murphy's last time to go to war? This was part of the story in which a mystery saboteur, Rowan at the end, targeted Reigns backstage. However, before we came to this conclusion, there were serious questions about Murphy, who was after all innocent.

As Seth Rollins took a sabbatical on television to reflect on becoming a dad, Murphy seemed to have missed one move or two. Unfortunately, his ex-disciple does not seem to have a place in the SmackDown lists, even though Seth Rollins is back. So much so, while the elimination chamber was on, Murphy sent the tweet above.

Can Murphy be put to a possible clash with Roman reigns through this campaign? Perhaps even Roman Reigns, Apollo Crews, and Jey Uso will support Dominik and Rey Mysterio. Don't forget the Crews didn't see the WWE Global Champion much ago.

The perfect prelude to the Edge fight

5 Most likely Roman Reigns WWE Universal Championship opponents
we had former WWE blogger, Vince Russo, book Roman Reigns vs. Edge. Russo discussed how important it was during the conversation with Dr. Featherstone that Christian be included in the story.

Russo says Christian should be deceived by Roman Reigns, which in turn causes Edge to get irritated. 

And so indeed, at Fastlane 2021, the legend could happen, by Christian versus Roman Reigns. There is a readymade tale in WrestleMania that leads to Edge versus Roman Reigns.