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5 Most Bizarre WWE Week Reservation Decisions

5 Most Bizarre WWE Week Reservation Decisions
Elimination Chamber started on WWE TV last week and has seen some fascinating choices from the creative team of the organization. WWE is almost halfway to WrestleMania, and preparations for Fastlane are well underway, while two matches for the Show of Shows have been confirmed.

This week's RAW and SmackDown focused on building up both Fastlane and WrestleMania, which may explain why many fans are perplexed, as the company is sowing seeds for WrestleMania while ensuring that there is a card at Fastlane.

The following is a list of only 5 of the most bizarre booking decisions accepted by the company in the last week.

Randy Orton Has Had a Tough Week On WWE

5 Most Bizarre WWE Week Reservation Decisions
Randy Orton has had an eventful week, starting with his elimination from The Elimination Chamber match and then appearing to be threatened by Alexa Bliss backstage on Monday Night RAW.

It's unclear why Randy Orton was made to appear vulnerable inside The Chamber and then defeated by Kofi Kingston on a roll-up, but given that The Viper is due to face The Fiend at WrestleMania in a few weeks, it appears to be a risky move.

The Fiend did not appear at Elimination Chamber, and it does not appear that Randy Orton would be able to intervene in a match at Fastlane. This raises the question of how the organization can advertise the match now that WrestleMania is less than 40 days away.

The Elimination House was quickly considered a favorite because of its experience within the system. Orton is a 14-time World Champion formerly. There is no real reason for what the WWE World was served in the main event Chamber match unless Alexa Bliss was able to use some form of dark magic to ensure Randy Orton lost the match so easily.

Alexa Bliss or The Fiend has supernatural power over The Viper, as shown by the backstage promo and Randy Orton's reaction. However, since Bray Wyatt's alter-ego hasn't been seen on WWE TV in nearly three months, many in the WWE Universe have lost interest in the storyline.

Tamina Forced To Create An Alliance With WWE Star Natalya Fellow

5 Most Bizarre WWE Week Reservation Decisions
There can be a doubt that the Women's Division at WWE SmackDown hit no return point. Riott Squad was wasted. Natalya and Tamina combined forces and Chelsea Green remained unfilled. Carmella and Bayley vanished.

Apart from the newly confirmed WrestleMania match between Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks, there seems to be no plot for the SmackDown ladies.

Billie Kay has become one of the division's best things. Yet Tamina has been able to take the victory over Liv Morgan without distracting her The Ríott Squad this week. This seems to be the start of a reservation of 50/50 in the Division of Women. But now instead of weeks ago, how can it be meaningful to drive Tamina?

There seems to be no finishing game between both teams for this feud. These women aren't even looking for a shot in the WWE Team Championships, so what's the plan in this respect?

Bad Bunny still feuding with WWE Champion The Miz

5 Most Bizarre WWE Week Reservation Decisions
Bad Bunny is the 24/7 WWE champion and has been seen many times with Damian Priest backstage, but his rivalry against the Miz and John Morrison wasn't continued.

Instead, Bad Bunny was seen next to R-Truth, who wanted his championship back. This week, the Mix obviously got full of MVP and Bobby Lashley, but after The Royal Rumble, the Wrestle Mania match between The Miz and Bad Bunny didn't appear as if. To date, no seeds have been planted.

Only if Bad Bunny was the reason why he loses his WWE championship next week with RAW will this save the rivalry and prepare for a match at WrestleMania. Why would the musician participate in the match with The Miz? In several weeks the two stars haven't crossed paths, and there isn't any explanation why they are pursuing this rivalry.

Reginald He No Longer Aligned With WWE Star Carmella

5 Most Bizarre WWE Week Reservation Decisions
Carmella has been the former female queen of WWE SmackDown and was replaced by Reginald during its recent transformation on WWE TV. While it was made clear that Reginald was the sommelier of Carmella and that he was there to hand the wine to the previous Winner, it seems that he has opted now to be the sidekick of Sasha Banks.

Reginald cost the Elimination Chamber championships Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks the Women's Tag Team. But he could also chat for banks at the SmackDown this week as Belair was happy to reveal their option for WrestleMania.

Reginald was upset to banks for acting on behalf of her before Belair could say that at WrestleMania she was questioning her. But she didn't sound angry that she couldn't make history because of him.

Where is Carmella? Why doesn't Carmella want to convince her former sidekick that they're back to her side and stop like a lost doll trailing Sasha banks? Banks could be the least likely of all women in WWE today to ask someone else to do a job with it.

WWE's Queen Charlotte and Lacey Evans' feud is over

5 Most Bizarre WWE Week Reservation Decisions
Lacey Evans revealed her second child on RAW last week, a fact that since then has led to a flurry of changes in WWE over the last week.

The defense of Asuka's RAW Women's Championship was discontinued, so Evans couldn't fight again. But this did not happen while the match had to be an open contest.

Charlotte Flair and her father had a lengthy backstage meeting on WWE TV where the feud was apparently resolved and Flair was written. rather than addressing the situation further this week on RAW.