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8 stuff that don't make sense about the career of Daniel Bryan

8 stuff that don't make sense about the career of Daniel Bryan
During his run with WWE, Daniel Bryan has endured a lot. In the course of the years, his career has become quite pointless.

Daniel Bryan is one of today's greatest names with a wealth of professional wrestler experience. Bryan is one of the biggest stars in the company in the world before he signed up with WWE.

Daniel Bryan is also a fifth world champion and a grand slam champion. The main event in WrestleMania was also won and headlined. His accomplishments are unbelievable, and he's only been in the wrestling profession for a number of years, but he's already seen several angles, some of which made little sense whatsoever.

Lost In 18 Seconds Against Sheamus

8 stuff that don't make sense about the career of Daniel Bryan
In the Grands Terms of All Sheamus won the Royal Rumble Match in 2012. The Celtic Warrior wanted to go to the then Daniel Bryan World Heavyweight Championship.

The expectation for the game in WrestleMania 28 was strong but was very disappointing. AJ Lee, who was Bryan's love interest on television, had offered him a lucky ringside kiss. Sheamus took advantage of the situation and with a brutal Brogue Kick took a rapid victory. In the biggest show of the year, it made no sense to lose the world title in just 18 seconds, even in the first match.

Until facing the Fiend, Chopped His Hair And Beard

8 stuff that don't make sense about the career of Daniel Bryan
At the 2019 Survivors Series where he lost, Daniel Bryan faced The Fiend for the Universal Championship. He took a hiatus and returned after the war. He took a totally different look when he came back to the Ring.

Daniel Bryan got rid of his long beard and hair, which obviously was not meaningful because his character was not changing much and it didn't really justify why he took such a drastic move.

Teamed Up After Teasing A Feud With Roman Reigns

In the middle of 2019, Daniel Bryan began a feud with Roman Reigns, which was clearly the most important blue brand. The two team partners were Bryan and Erick Rowan.

As WWE taught Roman and Bryan that paths could move through a long-awaited rivalry, things turned back. Bryan dipped his tag-team partner when it identified himself as the mystery attacker of Roman. Bryan joined hands with Roman Reigns and cast away her teased feud in seconds instead of Rowan.

2001 WWE Agreed To Free Him

It may not be understandable, but Daniel Bryan signed for WWE in the Attitude Era for the first time. Back in 2000, Bryan signed a developmental brand agreement. Indeed, he was about to make his debut on the main roster in early 2001, but it did not happen somehow.

WWE had planned the Cruiserweight Division's superstar for him. The promotion agreed instead to let him go in 2001, unexpectedly.

8 stuff that don't make sense about the career of Daniel Bryan

2010 Another Release

It was frustrating for Daniel Bryan to cement his place in the PG Era as the full-time WWE star. He signed again in 2009 for the company and had a short stint at NXT and even appeared on RAW. Initially, he belonged to the influential party, The Nexus.

It made no sense when Daniel Bryan was released by WWE after he saw just Justin Roberts choking along the ringside. That was definitely a violent moment, but it was an overreaction to shoot him. However, a few months later, WWE rehired him.

Didn't Win Royal Rumble Match 2015

In 2015, after the best year of his career in 2014, when the WrestleMania big occurrence, Daniel Bryan was still the common name. Bryan was in the 2015 Royal Rumble match, but surely it was frustrating. Before it was dumped himself, he had only managed one removal in that Royal Rumble match.

In this match, the WWE Universe did not like the WWE booked Daniel Bryan. The entire arena, together with its signature 'yes,' thus chanted Bryan's name during the fight. Indeed, people were so upset by Bryan's early exit that Roman Reigns, which won the event for a rare reason, were strongly jeered.

Lost Two Back To Back Matches To Dolph Ziggler

8 stuff that don't make sense about the career of Daniel Bryan
His next goal was to become an intercontino-continental champion at the Grandest Stade of All after Daniel Bryan struggled to beat Roman Reigns in Fastlane 2015. At WrestleMania 31 the belt was put on the line.

Though Daniel Bryan won the title, his reservations made no sense before the event. He lost two back-to-back matches to Dolph Ziggler before the Shows, which definitely gave up the momentum and hurt him in the big match.

Joining the Wyatt family as a babyface when he was at his peak

As Daniel Bryan reached the height of his career as the 'Yes Campaign' grew out he joined hands with the Wyatt Family. The Wyatt Family was the heel party that set Bryan to transform for failure, while Daniel Bryan was the leading figure of the firm.

Yet, they didn't last long their association. After joining first, he planned to leave shortly. It was for Daniel Bryan a very ineffective distraction, and did little in the long run for anybody, making it a rather irrational decision.