"Nobody is going to ruin me" -- Matt Riddle hits back at 'trash people talk' about his move to SmackDown

"Nobody is going to ruin me" -- Matt Riddle hits back at 'trash people talk' about his move to SmackDown

WWE Superstar Matt Riddle recently appeared on After The Bell podcast, hosted by Corey Graves. During his conversation, Matt Riddle addressed a myriad of topics, including his response to those who believe that he will be 'ruined' on SmackDown.

Matt Riddle said that he is very happy with his move, but there are a lot of people who 'talk trash'. He believes that that the fans don't understand that nothing is going to 'ruin' him in WWE. Here's what Matt Riddle had to say:

"But for me, I was just really happy. The amount of trash people talk, and that's just what it is... the amount of people who would be like, 'Oh why? Why would they be calling him up? They're going to ruin him'. This, that, blah, blah, blah, and I was just like, 'You guys don't get it. Nobody is going to ruin me.'"

Matt Riddle further emphasised that he is not after the money. Instead, he wants to be a legend of the business and is working with the goal in mind.

"Hey, I don't care about money; I don't care. I will live on the streets. See now, I don't care. But I want certain things a certain way, and I respect you so you respect me, you know. It's just one of those things, and I think honestly people will say, 'It's stupid, it's always about the money'. It's like, no, you become a legend. [The] money comes. 

Matt Riddle and his current run in WWE 

Matt Riddle recently had a shot at AJ Styles' Intercontinental Championship, but the Phenomenal One managed to retain his title. Following that, the Original King of Bros immediately started his rivalry with Baron Corbin.

The last week's episode of SmackDown, however, saw Chad Gable shockingly coming to Corbin's rescue. He may or may not be turning heel as WWE have not confirmed that yet but he will be feuding with Matt Riddle in the coming weeks. Riddle has quite a few interesting rivalries lined up for him that will help maintain his momentum on the Blue brand.

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