New Day's Xavier Woods dismisses Booker T's call for Big E to change

The New Day's Xavier Woods recently took to social media to respond to the comments made by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T stating that fellow New Day member Big E may need to alter a few things as the former NXT Champion embarks on a potential singles run on Friday Night SmackDown.

Xavier Woods, who is currently sidelined with an Achilles injury, responded to a Twitter post referencing Booker T's comments:

Does Big E need to change?

Booker T recently got fans talking when he suggested that Big E may need to change a few aspects of his character to become a World Champion.

The WWE Hall of Famer discussed The New Day's future during a recent episode of his podcast - Hall of Fame. Booker T speculated that time is ticking for The New Day members Big E and Xavier Woods. The former 5-time WCW Champion suggested that both Superstars should follow in the footsteps of their New Day stablemate Kofi Kingston and forge a singles career sooner rather than later

"Time is running out on Big E. Time is running out on Xavier. Xavier I forgot, he's done, he's finished. Big E still has some time left to go out there and cash his ticket. Go out there and stake his claim as far as his legacy and perhaps become the World Heavyweight Champion. There's nothing like becoming the World Heavyweight Champion." 

Big E representing The New Day alone?

Xavier Woods isn't the only member of The New Day who is currently on the sidelines. It was revealed last week on SmackDown that Kofi Kingston would be out of action for at least 6 weeks due to an injury suffered at Extreme Rules. Therefore, this would leave Big E to represent The New Day alone as he pursues a singles career.

However, SportsKeeda's Tom Colohue revealed on the Dropkick DiSKussions that Kingston is actually undertaking a quarantine period from WWE to spend time with his family and isn't dealing with any injury:

Kofi is absolutely fine. He has just been given six weeks off to take a quarantine period, go and see his family, take a quarantine period and then come back to work.

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