'Vince McMahon was smart to fire him' -- AJ Styles attacks Paul Heyman again

During his recent appearance on Mixer video game streaming channel, WWE Superstar AJ Styles once again addressed his real-life anger towards Paul Heyman. This time, the Intercontinental Champion stated that Vince McMahon was right about his decision to fire Paul Heyman from his role of an Executive Director of RAW.

While talking about Paul Heyman, AJ Styles said that he was thrilled with his move to SmackDown as he doesn't need to see Heyman's face anymore. He believes that Vince Mcmahon can see through 'Paul Hayman's cr*p' and said that the latter isn't 'well-liked' backstage.

"The reason Vince is smart is he can see all his (Heyman's) crap. Vince saw what everybody already knew. He was like, 'you know what man, you've done some great things in the past but you're not well-liked here. Please hit the bricks."

AJ Styles further stated that Paul Heyman has to blame himself for doing wrong to so many people. He thinks that Heyman is good enough to be Brock Lesnar's manager, but he cannot justify a creative role in WWE.

"He (Heyman) has to blame himself because he has slighted a lot of people. This is the business that he has found a way to be successful in. Anyway, it was a lot of trash." 

AJ Styles also talked about paul Heyman being a liar and how so many people dislike him because they were pushed 'under the bus' by Heyman. Here's what Styles had to say,

"I talked to a lot of guys about this situation. You wouldn't believe the amount of guys who despise this guy because of his lies. Whenever he screwed up, he'd try to put them under the bus. I have heard this from so many different people. It is hard to find someone who actually likes him. And I didn't know this because I assumed that everyone likes him. I thought only I hated him." 

The real-life feud between AJ Styles and Paul Heyman

AJ Styles blamed Paul Heyman for Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson getting fired from WWE. The reigning Intercontinental Champion said that Heyman, who was acting as the Executive Producer of RAW, didn't like The OC members. Hence, he reportedly convinced Vince McMahon to add their names to the long list of WWE Superstars who were released from the company earlier this year as the promotion battled the financial effects of COVID-19.

Recently AJ Styles called Paul Heyman a 'liar' while streaming live on his Twitch channel. The WWE Superstar is clearly angry with Heyman and was glad with his move to SmackDown, the house that he built.

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