Seth Rollins shows off results of getting hit with Kendo stick on WWE RAW

Former WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins may have been asking for the beating he took at the hands of Dominik Mysterio last night on WWE RAW but... geez.

"Randy at his best. Sasha-Asuka title fight. Drew/Zigman pulling out all the stops. Lashley/Ali. Murphy with the W. #WWERaw with a helluva show. The only hiccup was that stubborn Mysterio kid. 

Two weeks following Rollins' brutal "Eye For An Eye" Match with Dominik's father, Rey Mysterio, at Extreme Rules, the Monday Night Messiah came to the ring on RAW to face Dominik in person. Seth gestured that he simply wanted to talk and wasn't planning anything underhanded, but Dominik wasn't having it and attacked Rollins the first chance he got.

Seth Rollins on the receiving end of a brutal beatdown
This led to a savage beating on Dominik by both Seth Rollins and his disciple Murphy. Before long, Aleister Black hit the ring floor to help his friend's son and nearly lost an eye for his trouble.

Fortunately, Dominik was able to regain his composure and fought off Rollins and Murphy with a handily available kendo stick, the results you can see in the Twitter post above.

It's unsure how the Seth Rollins plans to respond personally to this attack, and we'll most likely have to wait until RAW next week to find out.

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