Reason why WWE were reportedly forced to change 'SmackDown Hacker' storyline

One of the recent WWE Storylines that had the fans buzzing was the introduction of SmackDown Hacker and his/her involvement in the crucial Storylines of the Blue brand. It was the SmackDown Hacker who unveiled the evil actions of Sonya Deville that eventually led to the epic on-screen storyline about Mandy Rose and Otis.

For a long time, it was speculated that SmackDown Hacker is none other than Mustafa Ali. At the time, the WWE Superstar had been out of action for several months, and it made sense to bring him back with this additional gimmick that makes things a lot more interesting.

Why WWE were forced to change plans involving the SmackDown Hacker?
It appears that WWE's initial plans were to bring Mustafa Ali back as the SmackDown Hacker. However, the creative went extremely quiet about that storyline in the last couple of months.

Tom Colohue recently addressed the topic on SportsKeeda's Dropkick DiSKussion and said that after Ali's return on RAW, it is almost impossible for us to see WWE revealing Ali as the hacker. He said that WWE were forced to change plans but have nothing lines up just yet. However, the gimmick is expected to stay alive as long as WWE creative can use it in storylines that have fewer options left. Here's what he had to say,

"Ali was the hacker, however, it became too convenient of a storyline and WWE essentially took it out of his hands. I also talked about the origins of GTV back in the day, who that was written for, and why it became its own entity instead of being a platform for the return of Superstar it was written for." 

"Now, with Ali's move to RAW, it is extremely unlikely that we are ever going to see him as a hacker. However, as long as the Hacker storyline is something that the WWE writing team can use to write themselves out of corner, there will always be a SmackDown Hacker." 

Although the SmackDown Hacker angle didn't work out well for Ali, his return on RAW was interesting and quite dominant. He teamed up with Ricochet and Cedric Alexander to take on MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Apollo Crews. Ali pinned MVP and picked a huge win upon his return to the red brand of WWE.

As for the SmackDown Hacker, WWE will eventually find the right Superstar to don the gimmick.

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