Nikki Cross gets another shot at SmackDown Women's Championship after beating Alexa Bliss

 After falling to SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley a few days ago at Extreme Rules, it appeared that Nikki Cross wasn't done chasing the Golden Role Model. After demanding another chance, she was forced into a match against her friend and tag team partner, Alexa Bliss. Cross won the match and will face Bayley for the title on next week's SmackDown.

Cracks appearing in the partnership between Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross?

While Cross did technically lose to Bayley at the Horror Show at Extreme Rules, it was due to outside help from the Boss. Sasha Banks gave the former Hugger her rings that say "Legit Boss" and Bayley used a shot to the ribs to defeat Cross. Since she was clearly cheated out of winning a clean match, Cross was understandably upset to open SmackDown.

What we were surprised to see, however, was the lengths that Nikki Cross was willing to go to just in order to earn another title shot. She pushed a reluctant Bliss down to the stage in a rage and used a distraction to get a roll up win over the Goddess.

After the match, the two friends seemed to be okay with each other, with Bliss claiming that Nikki Cross "got one over on her." She handed her a water, they hugged and Bliss urged her friend to finally take the title away from Bayley. Will next week's match have another distraction finish or will Bliss and Cross implode?

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