Mustafa Ali shares image of injury he sustained during match with Bobby Lashley

Last week, Mustafa Ali returned to WWE after a seven-month hiatus. Ali was previously a Superstar on SmackDown but was moved to RAW without an official statement. On his return, Mustafa Ali teamed up with Cedric Alexander and Ricochet in a Six-Man Tag Team Match against the newly formed Hurt Business that comprises of MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Bobby Lashley.

In his match last week, Mustafa Ali picked up the win for his team when he pinned MVP after a 450 Splash. This week, Ali faced Bobby Lashley in a Singles Match. Bobby Lashley locked Mustafa Ali in the Full Nelson, forcing the returning Superstar to submit.

Mustafa Ali's injury after match against Bobby Lashley

A few hours ago, after his grueling encounter with Bobby Lashley on WWE RAW, Mustafa Ali posted a photo on his Twitter handle of an injury he had sustained.

It isn't clear when Mustafa Ali was injured during the match. But one cant take a competitor such as Bobby Lashley too lightly.

Mustafa Ali began his career in the WWE as a competitor on 205 Live. From there, he was shifted to WWE SmackDown and was in line to compete for the WWE Championship. An unfortunate injury forced Mustafa Ali out of action. He was replaced by Kofi Kingston, who went to win the WWE Championship from Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 35.

Before his hiatus from WWE, Mustafa Ali was seen as a part of team SmackDown at Survivor Series. His team went on to win the match when Roman Reigns eliminated the final members of team RAW.

Bobby Lashley, on the other hand, since siding with MVP, has been one of the most dominant WWE Superstars. He received a shot at Drew McIntyre's WWE Championship at WWE Backlash but came up short at the event.

On last week's episode of WWE RAW, MVP confirmed that his stable with Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin was called The Hurt Business. Shelton Benjamin shocked the WWE Universe when he pinned R-Truth for the 24/7 Championship. MVP has proved that he is an asset to the WWE, and the two parties are currently negotiating a new contract.

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