John Cena responds to CM Punk's WWE Championship win from Money in the Bank with an interesting post

It has been nine years since CM Punk won the WWE Championship in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Post-match, Punk blew a kiss to WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon and left with the title, as well.

Heading into the match, Punk's WWE contract was expiring on the day of the match and at Money in the Bank, the former Nexus leader defeated his arch-rival, John Cena, and did exactly what he had vowed, which was to leave with the WWE Title.

On the 9th anniversary of his historic title win, CM Punk took to Twitter and thanked John Cena, Scott Armstrong (who was the referee for the match), and most importantly, also thanked the fans.

Here is what CM Punk wrote:

In response to Punk's tweet, John Cena has now also replied in typical John Cena fashion as he took to Instagram and posted a very popular photo of Punk from that night where the latter is seen blowing a kiss to a WWE Chairman Vince McMahon right after his title win.

John Cena's response to CM Punk's title win:

CM Punk eventually made his return to WWE with his brand new 'Cult of Personality' theme song and pretty much established himself as the hottest Superstar in WWE at the time.

'The Second City Saint' went on to have a few more memorable matches against John Cena, as well as some of the biggest names in WWE history, before eventually marking his departure from the company.

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