Bayley proposes a great idea that could revitalize Liv Morgan's WWE career

Bayley caught up with Bleacher Report for a telephonic interview, and the SmackDown Women's Champion opened up on various topics ranging from her upcoming title defense, who she would like to face next, her aspirations, and more.

The Role Model has overcome many adversaries during her historic title reign as her victims include Carmella, Tamina, Naomi, Lacey Evans, Alexa Bliss, and Dana Brooke.

However, who would Bayley like to face if she successfully defends the title against Nikki Cross on SmackDown?

Bayley said that she would love to see Liv Morgan move to SmackDown. The SmackDown Women's Champion has often named Liv Morgan when asked about the opponents she would like to square off against, and that's a match that Bayley is looking forward to the most.

Liv Morgan has fallen down the pecking order and has often been neglected in the grander scheme of things on Monday Night RAW. A move to SmackDown could give Morgan's WWE career a new lease of life.

Bayley also named Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, who are yet to engage in a title feud with the champ.

The Role Model wouldn't mind mixing things up with talents from NXT either, as she feels going up against stars from the Black and Gold brand would help keep her skills sharp.

"Even though it's Raw, I would love to have Liv Morgan come over. I don't know how many times I have to say Liv Morgan and have her come to SmackDown. Mandy Rose and Sonya would be awesome. Even anyone in the NXT crowd. We've got the NXT crowd out there. Some of the girls watching us every week, I'd love to welcome them into the ring just to keep my skills sharp."

Bayley's historic SmackDown Women's title reign

Bayley's ongoing run as the SmackDown Women's Champion has surpassed 291 days, and it doesn't seem like the WWE has any plans to take the title off her anytime soon.

WWE will eventually begin building up to the highly-anticipated feud between Bayley and Sasha Banks, but even that angle may take a while to blossom on WWE TV.

For now, Bayley's focus is to extend her reign, and she is ready to go up against all possible challengers. Bayley and Sasha Banks currently hold every women's title in the WWE barring the NXT Women's title, and they are inarguably enjoying the peak of their respective careers.

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