Backstage perception of Leon Ruff signing a contract with WWE

Backstage perception of Leon Ruff signing a contract with WWE

WWE has now signed for EVOLVE wrestler, Leon Ruff. Ruff is no stranger to WWE and the WWE Universe has previously seen the competitor multiple times when he appeared on RAW, SmackDown, Main Event, NXT, as well as 205 Live.

PWInsider reported that Leon Ruff had signed a deal with WWE and would be a part of WWE NXT. That's not all, as it seems that Leon Ruff is the first multiple EVOLVE wrestlers to be signed by WWE. Ruff's signing is the only one to be confirmed as of now. Backstage, Superstars appear to be quite happy with the signing.

WWE purchases EVOLVE Wrestling

Dave Meltzer had reported that EVOLVE was in financial crisis thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. The company had been set to air an event at the same time as WrestleMania as they have done every year, with the hope that the wrestling fans coming into town during WrestleMania would attend their show as well. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and the quarantine, this was not possible.

It was later confirmed by PW Insider that WWE had officially purchased EVOLVE. This meant that WWE had purchased EVOLVE and Dragon Gate's USA video library, which had a lot of content featuring current WWE Superstars in them.

It had been reported that contracted EVOLVE stars could also be signed, with PW Insider saying that WWE was interested in at least four EVOLVE stars.

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