Adam Cole loses it on Pat McAfee's Radio Show

Adam Cole lost the NXT Championship as part of the second night of The Great American Bash a few weeks ago. Cole took on Keith Lee in a winner takes all match that saw Lee walk out with both the North American Championship and Cole's NXT Championship.

Cole was the longest-reigning NXT Champion and much of that time was spent under the protection of The Undisputed Era. On Thursday, Cole appeared on Pat McAfee's radio show where the former NFL star made a number of jabs about him and the fact that The Undisputed Era has always protected him.

What did Adam Cole do?

While McAfee pointed out that Adam Cole's choice to surround himself with the Undisputed Era was smart business he then went on to make a jab about Cole's size. The former Champion then lost it and pushed the mic out of his way before going on to swear in McAfee's face.

A producer then walked in and looked to defuse the situation but was pushed out of the way before Cole stormed out of the building.

It's been a rough few weeks for the former NXT Champion and it seems that he isn't having a good time without his title. There have been question marks regarding this rant and its legitimacy. If it could be that this is a complete work, what would it be leading towards?

Will Adam Cole bow to the pressure and leave Undisputed Era to prove that he has what it takes to be Champion alone, or will Adam Cole leave his teammates behind and head to the main roster? Now that Cole doesn't have the NXT Championship he is free to move up to RAW or SmackDown and at present, the main roster could definitely use Adam Cole, BayBay.

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