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WWE superstars that flopped and 3 that impressed

WWE superstars that flopped and 3 that impressed

RAW gave a better showing than average this week. We know all five members of the teams of men and women that represent the Red Brand at the forthcoming pay-per-view, but we have not invaded the build-up Survivor Series.

WWE has already announced that next week will be a major championship fight. Randy Orton would defend his WWE Title against Drew McIntyre during the go-home episode of WWE RAW before Survivor Series. We saw Vengeance return this week but there was little to show 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt.
We're going to look in this post at the Superstars who flopped and the ones who inspired us this week on WWE RAW

Drew McIntyre Impressed on WWE RAW

WWE superstars that flopped and 3 that impressed

This week The New Day got into a fight with Miz and Morrison in the opening segment of WWE RAW. Then Randy Orton decided to intervene and began an assault against Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. Drew McIntyre came up at this stage for the main event and all six men were booked in a fight.

Then Drew McIntyre came as the greatest celebrity in the final match of this week's WWE RAW in the middle of all those concerned. He dominated Miz and Morrison by himself at one point and did not even flutter as the two of them teamed up to attack him. In the ring, Drew McIntyre also congratulated Woods and Kingston very well.

Randy Orton abandoned his teammates and began to walk backstage at the last moments of the broadcast. They became powerless and eventually, Drew McIntyre beat Morrison and Miz. The latter also left the show with a chance to challenge Orton next week for the WWE Championship.

Drew McIntyre is obviously the biggest baby on WWE RAW and if he wins the title this coming Monday, it's going to be interesting to see what happens when he locks horns in the Survivor Series with Roman Reigns.

WWE RAW Flopped: Tucker

WWE superstars that flopped and 3 that impressed

When WWE RAW Tucker traded Otis in Hell in a cell and assisted Miz in the winning of the money in the bank deal, he had some fans gnawed into incredulity. The two old tag-team partners were drafted into two brands, but their separation officially has been confirmed by Tucker's surprising betrayal.

Tucker subsequently cut a strong promo, which prompted many to conclude the Superstar has a fantastic future ahead of his freshly converted individuals. Sadly, this was not the case for him. Last week, Ricochet squashed and lost this match in just a few seconds. After that Mustafa Ali was targeted with Revenge because he tried to avenge the error that was made against Otis.

Although it was just sensible in the latter part, it was strange that Ricochet lost him in less than a minute and was not acting like a heel on WWE RAWThis week, Tucker hasn't changed much. He was one of seven men who ran for the 24/27 WWE RAW Championship.

Luckily he won the title, but the reading time on this slide is much longer than his reign. Tucker looked promising after Hell in a cage, but it just seems like a fantastic dream within just two weeks.

WWE RAW: Ricochet impressed

WWE superstars that flopped and 3 that impressed

It was a long time before Ricochet seemed like his best self on WWE RAW. Ricochet seemed far from his normal splendor and charm inside the ring even though he won most of his games. However this week, due to his story with Retribution and Mustafa Ali, things changed for the resident superhero of this promotion.

Tonight, at WWE RAW, Ali and Ricochet locked their horns in a brilliant meeting that showed fans once again an insight into their prowess. Both within the ring were equally fine. But Ricochet has unique advice for battling Mustafa Ali and his whole party well. He returned to his innovative high-flight maneuvers which definitely stunned many spectators.

This rivalry between Mustafa Ali and Ricochet must continue for the imaginative WWE RAW. The latter has a great need for good stories after what has happened between The Hurt Business and Retributing.

Ricochet is a promising talent, and he has a long background, especially with Mustafa Ali. What they need now is the imagination to understand their potential and to give the Superstars a persuasive story.

WWE RAW: Nia Jax Flopped

WWE superstars that flopped and 3 that impressed

This week, Nia Jax appeared on WWE RAW for two matches. First, when the latter took Lana, she accompanied her tag partner Shayna Baszler. After this, the WWE RAW Women's Champion Asuka locked Nia Jax corns.

Though Jax needed a message tonight, her success in the ring did not satisfy her intention. We should actually slack her down more because Jax was more involved in what would follow. But it was too clear, and it totally affected her within the ring.

Provided her match against Asuka, Nia Jax was not the superior power so she finished with another disqualification. For the eighth time after the match, she put Lana on WWE RAW at the table. Baszler should do better in her match against Lana, on the contrary. This match really made Lana appear much better inside the ring. To her credit.

Nia Jax can take the same style too, so it doesn't make her look good if she takes up a lesser person than she is. Instead, its full prestige on the WWE RAW ends up being compromised.

The Men's Survivor Series team impressed on the WWE RAW

WWE superstars that flopped and 3 that impressed

Riddle has convincingly beat Jeff Hardy and Elias to become the 5th and final member of the Men's Survivors Series squad in their first game of this week's WWE RAW. Later at night, he was accompanying the red brand demonstration by Keith Lee, AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, and Sheamus.

WWE RAW Survivors – AJ Styles' self-proclaimed chief has tried his hardest to keep all his teammates on the same page. But the majority of the Superstars, except Riddle, will be fair to assume not to be on board with the proposal.

Styles booked all four participants to balance the tag-team. This contributed to the squads of Riddle and Lee battling Sheamus and Strowman. There is no reason to suppose the whole hell ran wild as a separate arbitrator for AJ Styles.
The match featured a number of spots where one of the other four players eventually hit The Phenomenal One erroneously. Yet the latter stagnated in the practice of his team-building and persuaded everyone to keep working. While Styles were a heel, they were a genius leader in this self-assigned role.

He was totally hilarious, not to forget. Lee and Riddle won the match. The match ended. While at some point all the superstars in the match struck, the friction between them seemed to have eased considerably.

Riddle's surnames have all been fantastic alongside AJ Styles for each of his WWE RAW squad, a frustrative Sheamus, an arrogant Strowman, and a gentlemanly Lee. This is the only episode that you would want to watch if you are trying to miss WWE RAW this week and want to look only at highlights.