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WWE Superstars with unknown future in-ring

WWE Superstars with unknown future in-ring

It was not unprecedented for WWE Superstars to appear in more than 150 matches in one year before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now Superstars were impossible to take part in more than 60 matches in a 12-month span with Live shows no longer on the WWE schedule.

The most popular Superstars on WWE television in 2020 were the likes of SASHA Banks, Bayley, Randy Orton, and Drew McIntyre. Meanwhile, this year there were no other names of the high-profiles such as Triple H and Ronda Rousey.

These listed Superstars full-time look forward to playing a big part in WWE in the coming months. However the same cannot be said for some Superstars who in recent months haven't been on TV much.

Some of them resigned inofficially, but some stayed silent on what they are working on doing next at WWE. Let's see six WWE Superstars in this article who have an Unknown future. In this article.

The future of the Undertaker is unclear in WWE

This essay should not be shocked that the guy behind the character of the entrepreneur, Mark Calaway, influenced him. The WWE legend appears to have confirmed his retirement in his Last Ride documentary on the WWE Network earlier in 2020. But he also indicated that he could return if he ever wants Vince McMahon.

Five months rapidly and again the uncertainty of The Undertaker's intrinsic future. This year's pay-per-view of the WWE Survivor Series will concentrate on The Deadman, who first made his debut in the 1990's WWE Survivor Series 30 years ago.

Calaway publicly addressed his prospects in expectation of the event advertised as the "Final Farewell" of The Undertaker. He told Yahoo he thought he was retired, but that might change with a McMahon phone call.

All eyes are on the WWE Surviving Series, which will take place on 22 November inside the WWE Thunderdome. It is fair to say that the organization has actually retired if the good-bye goes off without interruption.

The WWE future of Triple H is unclear

Triple H, a 14-time world champion, won two championships from tying the 16 reigns of  Ric Flair and John Cena. It won't happen any time soon, realistically. Triple H's last reign was in 2016 and these days, let alone in the World Championships, he is barely playing in WWE tournaments.

On the Bill Simmons Podcast in 2020, the 51-year-old said he could not preclude a comeback in the ring. But for now, he is delighted to continue his work with the next generation of WWE superstars in NXT behind the scenes.

Triple H's last WWE match was on TV in June 2019 when the WWE Super ShowDown lost him to Randy Orton. He also participated at the WWE live events in Japan in two-day team matches later that month.

The WWE outlook for Jason Jordan is unclear

After he was introduced as Kurt Angle's storyline son, Jason Jordan became one of the most influential WWE RAW Superstars. In July 2017, the outlandish tale started and it was expected to end in a contest between the two men at WrestleMania 34.

Sadly, in February 2018, Jordan had to undergo neck surgery, ruling him out of service for the near future. After Jordan's surgery, WWE medical director Dr. Joseph Maroon gave the following comment. Although Jordan now acts as a promoter behind the scenes in WWE, his future in the ring is still unclear.

Since the surgery, he has not returned to the ring and he has not stated or refuted publicly that he has been forced to retire. For what it is worth, he is still classified on WWE's website in the 'Latest Superstars' section.

Kane's future in WWE is unclear

Right now the future of Glenn Jacobs' WWE is not exactly a concern. The man behind Kane is the mayor of Tennessee, Knox City, which means that he is incredibly hanging on to his WWE future.

At 53 years of age, Kane is one of the oldest WWE superstars. But the Devil's Favorite Demon did not yet refrain from the competition, as did other super-stars around his age. As he spoke to Ryan Satin at WWE on FOX, the veteran confessed that he didn't even know what was ahead of him at WWE.

The new games of Kane's WWE took place in the comedy installments of September 2019 with 24/7 R-Truth Winners. Before that at WWE, Crown Jewel 2018, his last PPV match was played when the Brothers of Destruct battled D-Generation X.

The future of Brock Lesnar in WWE is uncertain

In the past years, the situation in Brock Lesnar's WWE contracts has been up many times. After WrestleMania 31 and WrestleMania 34, the Beast was likely to leave WWE, but he remained in both cases with the organization.

In the WWE plot of WrestleMania 36, Drew McIntyre feuded with Brock Lesnar. The Scot continued to improve his position as one of the top stars in RAW following the incident. In the meantime, Brock Lesnar vanished and did not come back from the WWE programming yet.

The result of Brock Lesnar was removed from the WWE shop in August 2020. Ever since the eight-time World Champion WWE contract expired after WrestleMania has been published extensively.

Mike Johnsón of PW Insider wrote that Lesnar is a free agent legally, but it does not mean that his WWE career is over. Brock Lesnar is now classified on the WWE Website as an established superstar, equivalent to Jason Jordan.

The future of Ronda Rousey in WWE is uncertain

In January 2019 WWE announced that the contract of Ronda Rousey with the company expires on 10 April 2021. These details, along with Rousey's absence from WWE since April 2019, led to speculation that she could not fight again.

The Baddest Woman on the planet stayed mostly firmly relaxed in their future WWE. Together with her husband Travis Browne and the star of IMPACT James Storm, she had been recently pictorialist, causing further rumor that she might return to WWE.

During her one-year WWE stint, Paul Heyman collaborated closely with Ronda Rousey. In an October 2020 interview with the New York Daily, he indicated that a contract extension with WWE could have been signed.