Zack Ryder
FULL NAME   Matthew Brett Cardona
BORN   May 13, 1985
HEIGHT   6'2"
RELATION(S)   Chelsea Green (girl friend)


It is a well-known fact that Zack Ryder is a cancer survivor. When he was in high school, it began in his foot and gradually spread to Zack Ryder’s lungs. It is also well known that Zack Ryder is a huge Ghostbusters fan.

WWE Career

Even though Zack Ryder does not make it to WWE television regularly anymore, he is still one of the most beloved WWE superstars, and has enjoyed a career in WWE that’s spanned well over a decade. The self-proclaimed WWE Internet Champion used the internet to his benefit to connect with fans and get over with the WWE Universe in a massive way.

Tag team accolades

Zack Ryder has had more than one tag team pairing in the company. Zack Ryder used to team up with Curt Hawkins in the independents and went on to win tag team gold with him upon his arrival
in WWE. Zack Ryder was also part of the Hype Bros with Mojo Rawley, both on NXT and in the main roster. The Hype Bros split up on SmackDown Live and the two members had a blow off match that Ryder won.

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