Tyson Kidd
FULL NAME   Theodore James Wilson
BORN   July 11, 1980
HEIGHT   5'9"
RELATION(S)   Natalya Neidhart (m. 2013)


Tyson Kidd is one of the more tragic but hopeful stories in WWE Born in Canada, Kidd trained in Stu Hart infamous Hart Dungeon and started his career in Stampede Wrestling at the age of 15 and joined WWE around a decade later. He had a long tenure in Stampede Wrestling performing there for 12 years from 1997 to 2007 while simultaneously wrestling in other promotions including NJPW in Japan.

WWE Career

He finally came to WWE in 2006 in the developmental territory at the age of 26. He would not be signed with them until 2007 however. He wrestled in developmental territories between 2006 and 2008 before making his main roster debut.

Making his in-ring debut managed by real-life girlfriend Natalya Neidhart, he would soon team up with David Hart Smith, the son of British Bulldog. The two of them formed Hart dynasty and they became a dominant tag team in ECW. They came to Smackdown and had a few with Cryme Time and later got a match with DX for the titles although they lost.

Tyson Kidd

They would win the Unified Tag Team titles after defeating the team of Big Show and Miz, when Kidd made The Miz submit with the Sharpshooter.

The three would continue dominating the tag team scene before Hart Smith and Kidd were split up.
Kidd started his solo wrestling career but somehow sank into the background until 2012. He tried to get the Intercontinental Championship and other titles but would not end up winning any. Finally he found success when he teamed up with Cesaro. The duo would win the Tag titles again and had a good run with titles. They last the titles but continued as a tag team. Unfortunately his in-ring career then came toa crashing end.

Tyson Kidd The Accident

Kidd suffered a severe spinal and neck injury when Samoa Joe hit him with a Muscle Buster which went wrong in Raw dark match. While it was said he would never walk, Kidd multiple operations were successful. In 2017, he was hired by WWE as a producer, ending his in-ring career and beginning his journey as a full-time employee backstage.

While he can no longer compete he continues as a Booker backstage and can otherwise walk or move as before.

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