FULL NAME   Ronnie Aaron Killings
BORN   January 19, 1972
HEIGHT   6 ft 2 in
RELATION(S)   Pamela Killings (m. 2011)


Ronnie Aaron Killings or as he is popularly known as, R-Truth is a currently active professional wrestler and rapper. He was born on January 19, 1972, in Atlanta, Georgia. R-Truth is currently under contract to World Wrestling Entertainment performing at the Smackdown brand. He holds the 24-7 Champion currently. He lost the title to the deceitful Jinder Mahal but it was just for 11 seconds. The highlight of his career was when he used to team up with Kofi Kingston and they became the WWE Tag Team Champions.

His other achievements includes winning the United States Championship twice. He is also a two-time Hardcore Champion under the ring name K-Kwik. Killings was also a professional wrestler at Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as K-Krush and later Ron "The Truth" Killings. At Total Nonstop Wrestling, he became the first African-American NWA World Heavyweight Champion. He held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship title on two occasions, other than becoming two-time NWA World Tag Team Champion and a one-time TNA World Tag Team Champion.

Career Timeline

Independent circuit (1997–2000)

Killings began his career when he debuted for the PWF in 1997 as a manager. He then spent three years traveling and training under Manny Fernandez. In the year 1999, Killings debuted in NWA Wildside as K-Krush. At the NWA, Killings was awarded the newly created NWA Wildside Television Championship on December 12 which he lost to A.J. Styles before he could even start to savour it, on January 8, 2000.

World Wrestling Federation (1999–2001)

Killings was signed to a two-year developmental contract by the WWF in 1999. After being signed to WWE he got to Memphis Championship Wrestling. Killings was Soo promoted to the main roster and put in a tag team with Road Dogg. He made his WWE debut on November 13, 2000. He attacked William Regal at the episode of Raw is War, during a match against Road Dogg.

Xtreme Pro Wrestling (2002)

In the year 2002, Killings joined Xtreme Pro Wrestling as K. Malik Shabazz. At XPW, he teamed up with Saleem Jihad and Raphael Muhammed as the New Panthers.


Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2002–2007)

Debut (2002)

Killings signed up for the Nashville, Tennessee-based Total Nonstop Action Wrestling promotion in June 2002. He debuted on June 19 as K-Krush.

3Live Kru (2003–2005)

During 2003-2005, Killings began teaming with Konnan and former WWE ally B.G. James. They soon formed a faction known as the 3Live Kru. The Kru made its debut as a unit on August 13, 2003

R-Truth Return to WWE (2008–present)

SmackDown (2008–2010)

Killings moved back to WWE, formerly the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), in 2008. He got assigned to the SmackDown brand under the ring name R-Truth.

Raw (2010)

In 2010, Truth was drafted to Raw with teammate John Morrison. At Raw he got into a feud with Ted DiBiase. Truth went on to debut against and defeat DiBiase at the first-ever Over the Limit pay-per-view on May 23, 2010.


Championships and Accomplishments

Cyberspace Wrestling Federation

CSWF Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Kofi Kingston
WWF Hardcore Championship (2 times)
WWE United States Championship (2 times)
WWE 24-7 Championship (5 times)
Slammy Award for LOL Moment of the Year (2015)

Memphis Championship Wrestling

MCW Southern Heavyweight Championship (2 times)

NWA Wildside

NWA Wildside Television Championship (1 time)
NWA World Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
NWA World Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with B.G. James and Konnan as the 3Live Kru

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

TNA World Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Adam Jones


Invincible (2001)
What's Up? (2006)
You Can't Stop Me (In-Production) (2006-2007)


K. Malik Shabazz
Ron "The Truth" Killings
"The Truth"
"The Suntan Superman"
"The Charismatic One" - bestowed upon by Tazz
"The Conspiracy Theorist"

Theme Music

World Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Entertainment

As K-Kwik

"Gettin' Rowdy" by Brian Gerard James and Ron Killings (WWF)
"Rowdy" by Ron Killings (WWF)

As R-Truth

"What's Up? (Remix)" by Ron Killings (WWE; July 25, 2008 – August 23, 2010, December 2010–April 11, 2011)
"Right Time (To Get Crunk)" by Ron Killings (WWE; September 13, 2010–December 2010)
"The Truth Has Set Me Free" by Ron Killings (WWE ; May 16, 2011)
"The Truth Shall Set You Free" by Ron Killings (WWE ; May 23, 2011 - August 14, 2011)
"Little Jimmy" By Jim Johnston (WWE ; August 15, 2011 – present)
"S.O.S" by Jim Johnston and Collie Buddz (with Kofi Kingston)
"Here To Show The World" by Downstait (with Dolph Ziggler)

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling / Asistencia Asesoría y Administración

"What's Up?" by Ron Killings
"Toma" by Pitbull
"He's Back" produced by Dale Oliver (TNA; Used while teaming with Adam Jones)

Signature Moves

Belly to back wheelbarrow facebuster
Corkscrewed jumping superkick
Dragon suplex
Facebreaker knee smash
Front powerslam
German suplex
Jumping heel kick enzuigiri
Hurricanrana, sometimes from the top rope
Reverse STO
Running or a diving leg drop
Sitout double underhook facebuster
Sitout hip toss
Sitout suplex slam
Truth or Consequences (Vertical suplex dropped into either a stunner or a cutter) – TNA
With B.G. James
The Nizzie Legdrop (Flying leg drop to groin)
Elevated Calf Kick

Finishing Moves

Consequence (Elevated cradle neckbreaker) - TNA; 2002-2004
Little Jimmy/Whats Up? (Jumping Reverse STO) - 2011 - Present
Corkscrew scissors kick
Hang Time (450° splash) – TNA; 2002–2004
Lie Detector (WWE) / Flying Jalapeño (TNA) (Jumping corkscrew flying forearm smash)
Truth Conviction (Sitout inverted suplex slam) – TNA - 1992-2002; used as a regular move from 2003-2007

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