Jerry Lawler
FULL NAME   Jerry O'Neil Lawler
BORN   November 29, 1949
HEIGHT   6'0"


Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler has had a Hall of Fame career during his time in WWF, which would become WWE. However, Jerry Lawler’s accomplishments before he ever stepped foot into the company were just as noteworthy.

Jerry Lawler was the face of King of Memphis Wrestling and is best known for his feud withcomedian Andy Kaufman. The King would famously slap him during an episode of Late Night With David Letterman. He would later go on to clarify that the entire feud was obviously staged.

Jerry Lawler has famously held more titles than any professional wrestler in the history of the business, and funnily, has won none of his titles in the WWFWWE. The King had a great run in WWE however, both as a wrestler and then a commentator. Among Lawler’s famous opponents were Bret Hart and Jake Roberts.

Jerry Lawler

Lawler would subsequently reinvent himself and go on to becoming the voice of the Attitude Era of WWE. Alongside Jim Ross, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler would call some of the most iconic moments that,have happened in the business. Jerry Lawler would go on to wrestle on many occasions, even during his commentary stint.

Jerry Lawler would famously suffer a heart attack while live on air in the year 2012, but managed to return to full health and have another stint on SmackDown Live as the voice of SmackDown. For all his contributions to the world of wrestling Jerry Lawler was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007 by none other than the legendary William Shatner of Star Trek.

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