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Bobby Lashley Biography History Net Worth And More

Bobby Lashley Biography History Net Worth And More

About Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley is a pro wrestler and mixed martial artist from the United States. He is currently signed to the 'World Wrestling Entertainment,' where he works under the 'Raw' name. Bobby Lashley is a double winner of the 'Extreme Championship Wrestling' and a one-time winner of the 'WWE United States Championship.'

Bobby Lashley has also excelled in the sport of 'Impact Wrestling,' winning the 'Impact World Championship' four times during his career. Since his school days, Lashley has been involved in amateur wrestling. During his university years, Bobby Lashley became more involved in wrestling and won the title of "National Wrestling Champion" three years in a row.

Bobby Lashley enlisted in the ‘U.S. The army's served three years after graduation. He was also a wrestler in this area. As Bobby Lashley was attempting to qualify for the 'Olympic Games,' an injury forced him to put his wrestling career on hold for the time being. Later, he joined the ‘WWE,' where he won several prestigious matches.

Bobby Lashley then switched to other brands, such as the ‘TNA,' and the ‘ECW.' Lashley has also made a name for himself in mixed martial arts, where he won his first fight. He's partnered with companies including 'Strikeforce' and 'Shark Fights.' Bobby Lashley has defeated a number of well-known fighters, including Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Bobby Lashley in WWE

Bobby Lashley Biography History Net Worth And More
One year later, Bobby Lashley made his Smackdown debut and went on to make a name for himself in the industry, defeating multiple opponents week in and week out before losing to Kane at Survivor Series.

Bobby Lashley made multiple appearances at PPW events such as Royal Rumble and No Way Out after feuding with Finlay, making his debut at Wrestlemania. He lost the Money in the Bank match, but he rose through the ranks of WWE, competing against the likes of JBL, Mark Henry, and King Booker.

Only in some time was Bobby Lashley contested in a faithful 4-way match for the world heavyweight championship. He moved to ECW in 2006, where, for his illustrious career, he won the first ECW World Championship. Finally, Bobby Lashley would switch to TNA and return to the WWE in 2018, and since then he has won two inter-continental titles.

The career in WWE was not yet complete because of Brock Lesnar's challenge for the Universal Championship that led to a mouthwatering clash but was defeated by Roman Reigns who then confronted Brock Lesnar in the Summerslam race.

Bobby Lashley MMA

Bobby Lashley's MMA career statistics show him as an undefeated champion, having won 15 fights during his tenure. He won 8 of those fights by submission and 4 by knockout, demonstrating his prowess as a prolific athlete.

Bobby Lashley fought for major MMA organizations such as Strikeforce, Bellator MMA, and Titan Fighting Championship, losing only two matches in a decade.

Bobby Lashley Wife and Personal life

Bobby Lashley Biography History Net Worth And More
Bobby Lashley earned a degree in Human Service Agency Management from Missouri Valley College in 1999. He also served as a sergeant in the US Army, where he continued to wrestle. Lashley was scheduled to participate in the 2003 Olympic Games before suffering a career-ending injury while robbing a bank.

Kyra Lashley, Lashley's daughter, was born in 2005. Bobby Lashley opened a smoothie shop in 2007 to sell healthy smoothie drinks. He dated Kristal Marshall, a former WWE Diva. In July 2008, the couple welcomed a son called Myles.

Bobby Lashley announced the launch of The Lashley Network in July 2009. His official gym, official nutrition shop, and social networking website are all part of the Lashley Network. In a press release announcing the event, he confirmed that he is keeping his name in the news on television and on the internet so that he can achieve his goal of being the best MMA fighter.

Bobby Lashley announced the grand opening of his new gym, American Top Team Altitude, in the Denver, Colorado area in March 2010. The facility will be used as a gym, similar to the famous Gold's Gym chain, and will also host MMA events.

EA Sports MMA, a video game released in 2010, featured Bobby Lashley.

Lashley Management, his new MMA management company, was announced in May 2010 by Bobby Lashley. He represents current and potential MMA fighters alongside co-founder Judith Sussman.

Bobby Lashley Early Life and Childhood

Bobby Lashley Biography History Net Worth And More
Bobby Lashley was born in Colorado on July 16, 1976, as Robert Franklin Lashley. His father served in the 'United States Army' as a drill sergeant. Lashley is the eldest of three sisters. Lashley's family moved from place to place because of his father's work. Lashley received his early education at Kansas' 'Fort Riley Middle School.' Bobby Lashley began amateur wrestling as a substitute for football when he was in the seventh grade.

Bobby Lashley attended 'Junction City High School' and graduated with honors. After that, he went to ‘Missouri Valley College.' Lashley remained involved in amateur wrestling for three years, winning the ‘NAIA National Wrestling Championship' from 1996, to 1998. He graduated from college with a bachelor of management and recreational management in "human services organizations."

Bobby Lashley joined the 'US Army' after graduation and started to wrestle in the army's 'World Class Athlete Program.' In the ‘International Military Sports Committee wrestling events, he won gold and silver medals.

Bobby Lashley served in the army for three years before retiring. He qualified in the hopes of qualifying for the upcoming ‘2004 Summer Olympics.' Lashley, on the other hand, was caught in a bank robbery and shot. Bobby Lashley had to give up his amateur wrestling career after his knee was seriously hurt.

Bobby Lashley Net Worth

Bobby Lashley has a net worth of $4 million as a professional wrestler and mixed martial artist. Bobby Lashley was born on July 1, 1976, in Junction City, Kansas. From 2004 to 2008, he was a WWE wrestler. After that, Bobby Lashley competed in the independent circuit as well as AAA in Mexico.

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