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Sasha Banks Biography History Net Worth And More

Sasha Banks Biography History Net Worth And More

About Sasha Banks

It is a well-known American wrestling superstar, popularly known by the name Sasha Banks. Currently signed with the WWE and has taken on some of the most talented wrestling professionals. Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varsnado Born in Fairfield, California, in 1992, Sasha Banks was a passive wrestler from an early age.

Sasha Banks was very passionate about "All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling," which she grew up watching. Sasha Banks is the first to earn the 'Feud of Year' Pro Wrestling Award. She is also the first wrestler of women. Sasha Banks took her first triumph in a day team game in January 2011, following her training at 'Chaotic Wrestler' in Woburn (Massachusetts) in 2008.

Sasha Banks captured her first title in December 2011 after defying Alexxis Nevaeh, 'The Chaotic Wrestling Women's World Championship.' She took up her ring name Sasha Banks after she signed a deal in August 2012 with WWE.

She has also won four times the WWE Raw Women's Championship, once NXT Women's Championship, and since, for the year's match, her NXT Year-End Award (2015). Sasha Banks also featured in the famous 'WWE 2K17' video game.

Sasha Banks Biography History Net Worth And More

Sasha Banks WWE Debut

Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varsnado debuted as Sasha Banks in December 2012 and challenged Paige during her first-ever WWE game. Although she could not win this match, she succeeded in capturing fans' attention. Sasha Banks started to play matches against people like Alicia Fox, Summer Rae, or Audrey Marie in the next couple of months.

Sasha Banks has also attempted to win the NXT Women's Championship unsuccessfully. After the championship lost, She turned heel and attacked Paige, the then Champion. This led to the two women's utter rivalry. Sasha Banks has also found an ally in Rae, with the two teams taking over Bayley and Charlotte Flair.

Next was the unbelievable feud of Bayley on Sasha Banks. Every other week after week they kept taking the two. Bayley planned to target Bayley after her match against the NJT Flair when she beat Sasha Banks to become the number one contestant of the NXT Women's Championship (then Champion).

Afterward, Sasha Banks feuded with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair before the NXT Women's Championship Game was contested by Charlotte Flair. Sasha Banks won the title and everyone was congratulated for the wonderful performance she performed, including her rival. The two of them celebrated together and dropped their title to Bayley.

The match was acclaimed critically and deemed to be a good NXT: the Match of the Year Award contestant. Sasha Banks debuted on the RAW in July 2015. The Bella Twins and Alicia Fox included her and Paige who were now assisted by Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. She joined Naomi and Tamina to compete against Team Bella.

During that time, Sasha Banks went against Charlotte Flair, Paige, and Becky Lynch as part of little feuds each. In addition to that, in WrestleMania, Sasha Banks feuded with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair to get her hands on the WWE women's title that was replaced by the Diva's.

After the 2016 WWE draft, after beating Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks won the championship, but after 27 days, she dropped it to The Queen on SummerSlam. In the following weeks, the manager was able to reclaim the title.

In the Women's Hell, Charlotte Flair also faced a cell game at the RAW Women's Championship eponymous pay-per-view show, which was also the first women's game in the WWE history to be a big player in the PPV industry. Sadly, after 27 days for the second time, Sasha Banks lost her title.

In a Falls Count Anywhere match she once again faced Charlotte Flair, three times for a record. Then Alexa Bliss fought to take the title back for the fourth time, but in the next episode of the RAW, she lost Alexa Bliss. Sasha Banks went on to feud with Mickie James and Bayley on their side against Paige.

Sasha Banks Biography History Net Worth And More

Sasha Banks Early Life and Childhood

Sasha Banks was born on 26 January 1992 in Fairfield, California, the United States of America to Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado. Not much is known about her background, except that she has a brother with autism. Sasha Banks and her family have been driving for a lot of time to locate their brother's schools and hospitals.

Later Banks said she was her brother's second mother. Sasha Banks settled later at Boston, Massachusetts, and went online to read. She was Eddie Guerrero's enormous fan. Sasha Banks grew up and watched the show 'This is a pro-wrestling show for all of Japan's women. When she was 10, she had a great desire to train.

His mother however did not want to wrestle and she did not want to wrestle. Sasha Banks started training in 2008 at Chaotic Wrestling in Woburn, Massachusetts, an independent American wrestler promotion.

Sasha Banks Career

Her first match was held on 1 October 2010, under the ring name of Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado. This was an intergender match in which Sasha Banks teamed up against Danny E and Alexxis Nevaeh with Nikki Roxx. She lost to Danny E in her debut solo match of 22 October.

On 7 January 2011, Sasha Banks sampled win in a score team match where she and Roxx beat Mistress Belmont and Alexxis. Sasha Banks played in numerous individual matches during the year. She won the Messy Women's Championship in a game named 'I Left,' on 2 December 2011.

Sasha Banks defended her title successfully against wrestlers including Luscious Latasha, Alexxis Nevaeh, Nikki Roxx, and Mistress Belmont during the following year. In the fatal four-way match to retain the championship on 1 June 2012, she beat Alexxi, Barbie, and Mistress Belmont.

After her win, Sasha Banks was the longest-running women's champion in history, 'Chaotic Wrestling,' breaking the previous Alexxis record, a 182-day record. The championship, after its 259 days of reign, was declared vacant by the signing of a WWE contract on 18 August. Her first match against Paige, in which she lost, was her debut in WWE NXT, with her ring name Sasha Banks.

Later, she got letters from the secret admirer, who had been identified as Audrey Marie, to be part of a novel. But, for her envy of success, Marie assaulted Sasha Banks in an episode of NXT. The match between the two was followed, in which Banks was defeated.

After Sasha Banks joined Paige to beat Summer Rae and Marie, the feud eventually ended. At the NXT Women's Championship in June she took part. In the first round, however, she lost. Sasha Banks played again in the tournament to try to win the championship when the championship was empty. Yet in the half-finals, she lost.

Sasha Banks won the "NXT Women's Championship" in a fatal four-way game of February 2015 against Charlotte Flair. The next month, Sasha Banks retained her championship successfully, beating Charlotte again. She defended her title against several other stars, including Becky Lynch, and Alexa Bliss during the year.

In July Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair re-equipped, Sasha retained their title and emerged triumphant again. She lost her championship to Bayley after a reign of 192 days. In October, Bayley beat Sasha Banks and retained its title successfully. The last match of banks on the NXT was.

Sasha Banks Biography History Net Worth And More

Sasha Banks was made part of the 2015 'Female Movement.' It was her first triple threat match against Charlotte and Brie Bella in which Banks suffered a loss that established 'Team B.A.D.' Their first threat match was Naomi and Tamina Snuka. Then, she met several of her rivals, including Brie Bella and Alicia Fox.

Later, as part of the 2016 WWE draft, it was drawn up for the Raw brand. She challenged Charlotte Flair in her first match who had her first victory in the "WWE Women's Championship." Sasha Banks lost Charlotte's title after a reign of 27 days. The title was then rebuilt as "Championship of Row Women."

Sasha Banks became a raw female team for the 'Survivor Series' in November 2016. Despite Natalya's elimination, her team managed to win the game. In a game called Falls Count Anywhere, Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte for winning the Raw Women's Championship in the same month.

Bayley's pal, Charlotte Flair, helped in February 2017 to win the title. Sasha Banks overwhelmed Nia Jax in "Fastlane" the same month, which caused Jax's first roster defeat.

Mickie James, Bayley, Emma, Brooke, and Jax were singlehandedly defeated in a gauntlet game in June 2017. Alexa Bliss then struggled to defend her title of 'Raw Women's Championship.'
Sasha Banks recovered the title in a post-competition on July 9.

She was defeated by the Bella twins in early January 2018. She began a feud with her longstanding friend Bayley the following month. In June 2018 the banks entered their first ladder game of 'Money in the bank.'

Sasha Banks and Bayley ended their feud and became friends after much deliberation. The Boss 'n' Hug Relations were established and won in February 2019 also the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. They ended in a match against 'The Ilconics' 49 days later.

In early 2019, for unexplained reasons, she took a four-month break from WWE and came back in August 2019. Sasha Banks assaulted Natalya when she came back, acting like a heel. Sasha Banks encountered Bayley, who had flipped the heel as well and attacked Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

After her feud with Lynch was resurrected, Sasha Banks played with her in September in a Clash of Champions match and won disqualification. This led to a 'Hell in a Cell' match for women the second time she lost. She was written into WWE SmackDown at the time. Sasha Banks took another break and returned in October 2019 after a fracture on her tailbone

Sasha Banks Net Worth

The Net Worth of Sasha Banks is expected to be approximately 3 million dollars. On 8 August 2008, She entered WWE. Sasha Banks has since become one of WWE's most dynamic divas. It is now signed under the WWE Raw brand.

Sasha Banks is an inaugural WWE Women's Team Champion, a former NXT Women's Champion, and a four-time women's WWE Champion. In addition to WWE Sasha Banks wrestled formerly at the Northeast independent circuit of the United States.

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