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Kelly Kelly Biography History Net Worth And More


Kelly Kelly Biography History Net Worth And More

About Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly is an ex-WWE "Diva" and from time to time makes WWE appearances. Her real name is Barbara Jean Blank, and nowadays she is a model and reality user, not a WWE show.

Kelly Kelly has the gymnastic experience and cheerleading skills and has been a style icon for Venus Swimwear and Hawaiian Tropic. Blank signed a contract with WWE in 2006 and debuted as 'Kelly Kelly' at the ECW brand in June 2006, following her training on Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Kelly Kelly is a once-winning WWE Divas Queen in 2011. However, in 2012, Kelly Kelly left WWE but still appeared. She was a participant of Women's Royal Rumbling's first-ever in 2018 and also participated in the WWE Evolution PPV, the first all-female PPV.

It debuted as Kelly Kelly for the ECW brand. On 13 June 2006, she debuted on the first episode of the weekly program and became the youngest WWE Diva, 19 years of age.

In 2007, Kelly Kelly switched to RAW and served as a key player in the division Divas before she split the business.

Kelly Kelly Biography History Net Worth And More

Kelly Kelly Career

The WWE Development Territory leader, Ohio Valley Wrestling, approached Kelly Kelly and signed the contract in May 2006. First, she began her WWE as an announcer, but after that became a wrestler, she took part in a Divas Battle Royale is one of her early matches and she lost and wrestled in the Florida Championships in late 2007.

It was called Kelly Kelly by President Vince McMahon, and posed to the audience as a showcase, making stripteases in front of the crowd, when she became the youngest watchman on the WWE list in 2006. In addition to some disruptions of wrestlers, her striptease became routine weekly at WWE and was dubbed Kelly's Reveal, which proved to be a huge success for the public.

Her boyfriend Knox prevented her from teasing and she began to accompany him to battle, and she had a feeling for another wrestler, CM Punk, with one story in mind. At the beginning of 2007, Kelly revealed that Kelly Kelly eventually broke up with Knox and returned with her striptease routine, this time called Intense Reveal.

After winning a Royale battle in Raw, she won her first title shot in the WWE Women's Championship. The then-champion Beth Phoenix was faced by her and she lost the game. Without any meaningful victory or title, Kelly Kelly kept feuding with other women wrestlers. Her biggest win in months was again the Battle Royale in a Raw Episode in 2009, secured by her Wrestlemania loss 15. It was the first WWE Divas Championship contestant to win.

Kelly Kelly won but ultimately lost the championship in the title shot against Champion Maryse. There was a rematch and she lost cleanly this time around. Kelly Kelly played in an assassinated four-way title game in another shot at the title win but lost it and she lost the strike, which became the championship number-one controller over the coming weeks.

On April 30th she debuted on the WWE 2010 episode in the form of a tag team game, teamed up with Beth Phoenix, and defeated the Michelle McCool and Layla team. The feud of the Tag Team continued and unexpectedly stopped for several weeks. Kelly Kelly won the title shot for the World Women's Championship at Money but was unsuited to get her hand on the championship belt.

Kelly Kelly was reappointed in Raw and in Over the Limit, Brie Bella challenged for a title shot for the WWE Diva championship as part of the 2011 supplementary draft, and she eventually lost it. However, a couple of weeks later it was elected the number one contestant for the title shot by the crowd, and this time she beat Brie Bella and captured her first WWE Diva championship.

Kelly Kelly beat Phoenix at Summerslam to retain the championship but ultimately lost the title in a Cell match at the Hell.

Kelly Kelly couldn't win her title in a match and she was lost the chance again in the game Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. Kelly's deal with WWE expired in September 2012 and has never been extended. She quoted the reasons for some injuries and her plans to resume her modeling career.

Kelly Kelly has participated in a handful of professional wrestling competitions, but most of them have been canceled because of Hurricane Sandy. In December, however, she belonged to North East Wrestling. She told WWE in 2017 that she will be back, but this time as ambassador. Until now, she's had some appearances, but she didn't fight.

In a Timbaland music video titled 'Put it on me,' Kelly was featured apart from Wrestling and shot a couple of FHM's models as a photograph. Some other TV stints including "The price is correct" and "WAG" followed. Kelly Kelly also appeared as a guest on the 'Days of our Lives' television program.

Kelly Kelly Biography History Net Worth And More

Kelly Kelly Early Life and Childhood

Kelly Kelly was born to a Jewish father and to a Christian mother in Florida on 15 January 1987. She spent much of her infancy in Jacksonville. As a girl, her heart was gymnastic and wrestling, and her early days spent most of this activity. Kelly also was a high-school cheerleader and was originally looking for a journalism career.

Kelly kelly studied Broadcast Journalism at the university and modeled swimwear labels, inspiring her to take her modeling career seriously. WWE had contacted her during her modeling days to become a member and, in spite of her null professional wrestling background, Kelly kelly joined WWE and retired from her journalism career.

Kelly Kelly Personal Life

After changing her homes multiple times, Kelly Kelly currently resides in Malibu, Calif. She has admired wrestling as a child and has influenced Trish Stratus.

Before his death in 2009, Kelly Kelly had had a long-standing friendship with Wrestler Andrew Martin. In 2014 it announced its engagement with Sheldon Souray, a well-known ice hockey player, and in 2016 the couple married in Mexico.

Kelly Kelly Net Worth

Kelly Kelly is a professional American model, a 2-million dollar net worth wrestler. In January 1987, Kelly Kelly Blank was born in Jacksonville, Florida, to Barbara Jean Blank. She has a gymnastics and entertainment background and was interested in becoming an anchor on TV.

Kelly modeled on Venus swimwear and on Hawaiian Tropic. In 2006, it was concluded by the WWE and debuted the same year with ECW.

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