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Edge Biography History Net Worth And More

Edge Biography History Net Worth And More

About Edge

Without an official contract, Edge began working for the WWE and eventually concluded with the company a production agreement in 1997. On 22 June 1998, Copeland debuted on the WWF, the episode of Raw as Edge, a loner who stormed the arena for its matches through the crowd.

In 1998 Edge entered a feud with Gangrel but later he and Christian and Gangrel formed the faction called "The Brood" Before Edge won his first single Championship in June 1999, the trio had a short feud with the Undertaker Ministry. The Hardy Boyz now joined Gangrel as "The New Brood" was then started by Christian and Edge.

Both teams had a long rivalry with each other in different trade cases, which included winning and losing. Edge and Christian beat Dudley Boyz and Hardy Body on a ladder match in WrestleMania 2000, winning the WWF Tag Team Championship. With villainous yet amusing antics, such as the five-second pose, Edge, and Christian soon gave way.

In the first three matches of TLC, E&C along with Hardy Boyz and Dudley Boyz was involved and two of the three matches were won. After 2001 King Of The Ring Tournament, Edge became an individual star. He won Kurt Angle's US Championship as well. In the next few months Edge started feuding with William Regal, Christian and beat Booker T and Booker T and 18 in Wrestlemania before it was written for Smackdown.

He feuds with briefly teamed and Kurt Angle with Rey Mysterio in Smackdown. Because of a neck injury, Edge was sidelined later. Edge was redirected to the RAW after Wrestlemania XX, where he won the Tag Team with Chris Benoit and eventually won the Intercontinental Championship for the fifth time, before being cut from the RAW because of a surface injury.

After his return, Edge started a heel transformation, culminating in attacking and heeling his Tag Team partner, Chris Benoit. Edge won the Money for the first time in Wrestlemania's Bank Match, 21 and then went into a feud with his boss, Lita, with Kane. The rivalry concluded in a stretch match on the 25th of July with Edge's wins, but Kane played a tombstone river on Lita shortly afterward.

Next, Edge began a real-life friend program that turned enemy: Matt Hardy. The feud ended on 3rd October in a match for Loser Leaves Raw in Homecoming, won by Edge. At the New Year Revolution, after Edge had retained a boring elimination chamber match, Edge confronted John Cena for the WWE 
Championship. John Cena has been defeated by the Rated R Superstar and captured the first WWE Championship.

Edge Biography History Net Worth And More

He subsequently defeated The Undertaker and became a part of the Smackdown where he formed a "La Familia" along with Vickie Guerrero, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, and then Chavo Guerrero. Edge then teamed a short while with Randy Orton, a team that they called themselves Rated RKO. As Edge filmed at the Hell's Gate, Edge lost the Undertaker's World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania XXIV.

Edge went on to compete with Batista, followed by the program of the World Heavy Weight Championship between Jeff Hardy and CM Punk. Edge, together with Chris Jericho in 2009, won his 12th-day Team Championship record. However, because of his injury Edge had to be sidelined and Jericho substituted him with Big Show.

At the Rumble event, on January 31, 2010, Chris Jericho failed to win the World Heavyweight World Championship in Wrestlemania 26. Edge was back as his face. Edge successfully lobbied for the Elimination Chamber in a Chamber Elimination Match for his World Heavyweight Championship, but he was targeted by Alberto Del Rio after defending himself in the championship, but he was saved by a Christian who returned.

Christian briefly and Edge shortly overthrows Brodus Clay and Alberto, his NXT bodyguard. Edge defended the World Title against Alberto Del Rio at the event at WrestleMania XXVII, successfully. It's his last television match before he retires because of cervical spinal stenosis from pro-wrestling. On March 31, 2012, before the Wrestlemania 28 broadcast, Edge was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Edge Biography History Net Worth And More

Edge Childhood & Early Life

Born in Orangeville, Ontario, on October 30, 1973. His single mother, Judy Copeland, raised him, who was untiringly involved in helping his son. Professional wrestling attempt Edge began at an early point. He was and religiously followed a huge fan of the sport and his iconic players. He was inspired by this passion for himself to be a wrestler.

Owing to financial constraints, his ambitions to become a wrestler took his seat. He has taken strange work to survive. He has a degree in radio broadcasting from Humber College. His passion for the sport did not fade, however, and during weekends he began practicing.

In the 1990s, under the name of Sexton Hardcastle, he wrestled on the independent circuit. He was named in the Sex and Abuse tag squad. He won several victories in his independent career. He was also dubbed The Suicide Blondes duo, along with wrestler Cage.

Bret Hart spotted Edge in the summer of 1995 and Edge submitted his audition tape to the WWF on his recommendation. While nothing was immediately materialized, it marked the start of Edge's WWF career.

Edge Personal Life

At the moment, Edge lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with his third child, Beth Phoenix. Jason Reso is a true friend of his comrades (Christian). He's a huge fan of New Jersey Devils and NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs and enjoys playing hockey.

When caught on the internet, Copeland bought steroids, a breach of the WWE Talent Wellness policy.
Edge has been born in Beth Pheonix with two daughters named Ruby Ever Copeland and Lyric Rose Copeland. Alannah Morley and Lisa Ortiz were Copeland's first wife and second, and were divorced in a couple of years.

Edge Biography History Net Worth And More

Edge Net Worth

By 2020, it is proximately $14 million for the Edge's Net Worth. Edge is without a doubt one of the most decorated wrestlers ever. He was one of WWE's most successful competitors ever. Adam Copeland also has starred in many films and TV shows.

Edge Family

Judy Copeland was born. In 2001 he married Alanah Morley first, but in 2004 he divorced. For one year between 2004 and 2005, he was married to Lisa Ortiz. He then spent some time in touch with wrestler Lita. He is now married to Beth Phoenix, a former wrestler. He has the names of Lyric Rose Copeland and Ruby Ever Copeland, both of which are his children.

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