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Bayley Biography History Net Worth And More

Bayley Biography History Net Worth And More

About Bayley

Bayley is a famous American wrestler born as Pamela Rose Martínez. A tomboy from childhood, she hated losing her hair, because she still kept her hair tied up by a cabbage while playing. At the age of ten Bayley got involved in wrestling and began her training at the age of 18, enduring four years of rigorous workouts at Big Time Wrestling, where her coaches told her not to smile!

Bayley had the first match at nineteen and fought under Davina Rose's ring name and won at 23, in SHIMMER Women Athletes Volume 48. Later that year, at the age of twenty-four, Bayley signed to WWE and assumed she as her name in the ring. Bayley won a number of championships since then. Today, she's the first WWE Triple Crown Women's Champion (and the Grand Slam).

Bayley Biography History Net Worth And More

Bayley WWE

For the RAW women's Championship title, Bayley continued challenging Charlotte Flair. With Sasha Banks support, succeeded in lifting the RAW Women's Championship with Charlotte Flair. She defended her title against Charlotte twice and then defended her third time, in a four-way match in WrestleMania, against Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks (which was also her WrestleMania debut).

Bayley dropped Alexa Bliss title and has not tried to win her hands since. She was also the fifth member of the Survivor Series RAW Women's squad. Sadly, Bayley was the first person to be disqualified from the match for her.

Her best mate, Sasha Banks, removed Bayley at Royal Rumble 2018. She turned her back on Banks in the following weeks too. It lasted for a few weeks, as the BFF and the teased heel turn simultaneously were both encouraging.

Banks, however, have chosen to attack the Huggable One backstage, resulting in a revival of their NXT days of incredible rivalry. Both have the ability to create a big female feud in the history of WWE if they are correctly booked. At WrestleMania 34, Sasha Banks and Bayley and will face each other and will settle on the fate of their most important rivalry.

Bayley and Sasha Banks

Bayley and Sasha Banks, who was already recognized as two of The Four Horsewomen for their influence on WWE women's wrestling and had teamed up periodically since 2013, became a Battleground tag team on July 24, 2016, and teamed up frequently on house shows in their aftermath.

While the relationship initially stayed largely off-screen, it gradually began to team up on Raw on a regular basis in December 2017. They became the first Women's Tag Team Champions at the Elimination Chamber in February 2019. They used the team name The Boss 'n' Hug Link from July 2018 to April 2019.

While they went on a hiatus after their title loss in April 2019 at WrestleMania 35 due to the absence of Sasha Banks from WWE, they reunited shortly after her return, this time as heels, in September. During this run, for a record-tying second time, the duo won the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship.

For the second time, Bayley also captured the SmackDown Women's Championship, which would make her the longest reigning champion, while Sasha Banks became a record-breaking five-time Raw Women's Champion in July 2020.

Bayley Early Life and Childhood

On 15 June 1989, in the Newark neighborhood of the Bay Area of California, Bayley was born Pamela Rose Martinez. Her father's Mexican, her mother's English, her two elderly and one younger brother. She is an Anglo-American.

Pamela Rose Martinez was raised at Independence High School in San José, California. Bayley played a number of sports, including volleyball and basketball, as well as track and cross-country races since the beginning. She was also involved in wrestling at the age of 10.

Bayley liked to look at WWE shows as a kid. His mother did not, however, encourage her mainly because they used to have matches or pillow fights with bra-and-panties. Only after her divorced parents, soon became a fan of wrestlers like Ivory and Lita did Bayley start watching WWE shows on a regular basis.

Bayley Biography History Net Worth And More

Bayley Career

Pamela Rose Martinez aka Bayley started attending the training courses for Big Time Wrestling in Fremont in April 2008, and she was head coach of Jason Styles. She appeared in September and called her ring name Davina Rose.

Pamela Rose Martinez started branching out as she continued her education at Big Time Wrestling until 2012, in 2011. Pamela Rose Martinez made her Shimmer Women Athletes debut in October 2011. She also wrestled later with other promotions.

Bayley recorded the first win on March 18, 2012, beating Melanie Cruise and Mena Libra in the SHIMMER Women Athletes Volume 48 in Berwyn (Illinois) in December 2012. She debuted with the ring name Bayley in January 2013 on the program of the WWE NXT's growth territory. She made her debut on WWE's NXT on March 20th and lost to Paige.

Bayley won her first WWE on September 4th in the 2013 WWE, when she joined Charlotte Flair on Alicia Fox and Aksana. Bayley didn't report any additional win until January 2014, when she beat Summer Rae in one action, and Sasha Banks and Rea in one day's team event.

Bayley twice defeated Sasha Banks in August 2014, making her NXT Women's Championship Number 1 contestant. But she couldn't win the championship, losing the NXT Takeover to Charlotte Flair: Fatal 4 Way on September 11.

On August 22, 2015, when Bayley beat Sasha Banks at the NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, Bayley secured her first NXT Women's Championship. In the first women's Iron Man match in WWE history on 7th October, she beat Banks once again.

Bayley made her WWE principal roster and pay-per-view debut on Battleground on 24 July 2016. She beat Charlotte Flair and Dana Brooke in this one-off appearance as the mystery tag team partner of Sasha Banks. She started to play in numerous matches afterward, winning some and losing others.

On 13 February 2017, by beating Flair at the main event, Bayley won the WWE Raw Women's Championship and retained the title until 30 April, when she lost to the Payback for bliss. Bayley eventually participated and was largely defeated in the different competitions.

In 2017 Bayley also developed a personal animosity to Sasha Banks that publicly threatened each other verbally until mid-2018. Subsequently, they were invited to attend a meeting of the Council which led the creation in July 2018 of 'The Boss 'n' Hug Link.'

On February 17, 2019, Bayley and Banks successfully defended their team title at Fastlane and won the opening WWE Women's Tag Team Championship at the Elimination Chamber. But in a Fatal 4-way match in WrestleMania, they lost the championship on 25th March 2019.

Bayley was drawn to the SmackDown Women's Championship during Superstar Shake-Up in April 2019. In the Bank ladder game of 19 May 2019, Bayley was the winner of Women's Money, giving her a women's championship match of her choosing. She was the first WWE Women's Grand Slam winner in WWE history and was awarded the SmackDown Women's Championship that night.

Bayley Biography History Net Worth And More

Bayley Husband

In 2010, Bayley met Aaron Solow 'Bayley Husband', a professional wrestler working on the independent circuit, while training under Jason Styles. According to some sources, the two were engaged in November 2016.

Bayley Net Worth

Bayley is one of WWE's best-paid performers and has a net worth of $2 million in the year 2021. The 31-year-old earns around $350,000 a year from WWE and is one of the top female earners.

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